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Isn't life just wonderful? When you just wish you could... change... something!! You wish you could just sleep forever. Fly away. Be free. 
Yoi wish you could change what you were, what you are, and what you're going to be. The power to see what lies ahead... The power to change what was inside and stop the commotion that was eating you alive, sapping your all one nothingness at a time. Purposely making it a slow death.
"Hey Mister," said I.
"Yes? My beloved?" said he.
"When will I be still?" 
"When Tyme has ended, and Everything is no more."
"So I'm staying like this forever? I shall remain like this forever?"
"But why? It hurts so bitterly."
"You cannot know."
"But Im dying."
"I know, beloved."
"You don't care??"
"I do."
"Can you please tell me what's going on??? And can you please end this????"
"I cannot."
"But why?? It hurts so bitterly."
"I cannot."