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Sephiroth (Ultimate) *updated!

By hybridmink
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*Oh god I uploaded this at the default nonsense tiny resolution. It has been fixed!*

Gamers, hide your Clouds, Sephiroth is on the prowl!

4K/sketch/psd: www.patreon.com/hybridmink

or you can also grab an HD version for 300 points!

Head to my shop to put this image on a phone, poster, shirt, etc: www.redbubble.com/i/photograph…

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Gotta' say, he was the biggest surprise that could have ever happened to Smash. But he's also among the most fun characters, alongside Hero and Terry.

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hes way more fun than I anticipated. :)

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Awesome work as always.

K-E-Y-K-O's avatar

I tested it, I liked it. :)

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The One-Winged A-hole, himself. (btw, "Latin Chorus;" so two games ago.)

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He will never be a memory!

No crossover you star in Cloud is safe!

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Cloud managed to elude him for a while, but he finally found him. :)

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In all crossovers Cloud has been in (with very few exceptions) Sephiroth always manages to show up.

Cloud thought he’d be safe from him in Smash! How wrong he was xD

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Bells, Frogs, Big Cherries, Peter Pan, Mac n’ Cheese, SEPH-I-ROTH! We will see how busted this one winged angel will be soon enough

hybridmink's avatar

seems a bit busted...

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How long till Sora gets in?

EvilMariobot's avatar

Given the pacing of character releases; somewhere around the middle of the month of Never. Face it, this was the death knell for Sora.

Private-Funny-Man's avatar

It's bound to happen at this point.

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i mean, if disney wants to play nice, sure. :)

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Cloud and sephiroth have been fighting in everywhere.

In the original, advent children, dissidia, kingdom hearts and now the smash.

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