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Lyn (Lyndis) from Fire Emblem: the Blazing Blade. I love the animations from the 2D games and wanted to capture it a bit here.

4K/sketch/psd: www.patreon.com/hybridmink

or you can also grab an HD version for 300 points!

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Very powerful, that lady.

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The original Fire Emblem Waifu (at least for many of us in the west).

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Fire emblem blazing Sword >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Every other fire emblem.

I'm sorry, but, blazing sword had the best sprites, best animations, and best characters, PERIOD.

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it IS great, but Im still partial to Awakening :)

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I can admit that the character stories are definitely the most interesting in Blazing Blade, but as far as gameplay is concerned, I still got to give that to Awakening since the combat system is so fun in that game, especially allowing your character to be a major player in the narrative, even if the story isn't the best. Really, the ones I give the award for best story are the Tellius games.

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Awesomely gorgeous and cute

bouncy too

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No, I'm not going to switch to Casual mode, Classic is more fun, MOM!

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