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commission of one of Ivan's many OC's :D

(slightly nsfw version also available on patreon: www.patreon.com/posts/elianna-…)

or you can also grab an HD version for 300 points!

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She looks SO GOOD!

Love the design :D

Nice work!

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Tell me, do you know of she who wanders the tomes

of the mystical and magi, seeking understandings

beyond the simplistic babblings, and mutters of this

universes' oh so fragile reality?

She who was a being that cast aside the truths of her

teachings to discover the ways of those who bask in

the ranks of the immortals . For what better dream

to have than to be mentioned with those

who shaped the world and all it is as we see it today?

what greater goal is there to be considered worthy

of their attention and admiration? But alas she who

you speak of no longer exist.

No she who wanders those tomes died long ago, yes

died when the fools saw her dream as dangerous, as

a blasphemous cry, claiming that her power was that

of the gods that she so loved and worshiped.

So now that you know of this, these truths that cling

to my chest darkening the blood of my beating heart

what will you do? Will you continue search for her, for

believe it or not she has already found you.

authors notes: this was fun and its a first never thought i would see this pic after you finished it on stream. I'm glad i found such a talented artist and someone who inspires me to write like all the others i watch. always fun to watch your streams and hang out, and you can give this or tell the commision guy thanks as well for this is his character and she was who help inspire it all the same. Great work take care and be safe.

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amazing job dude

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not mine, but yes agreed!

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Wow! Great proportions and hips! I like the walking pose, and the natural shapeliness of her breasts. The outfit is incredible, too- it's obviously fanservice, but just "says" Epic Sorceress, as well.

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Mystically sexy and alluringly bouncy

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Too Hot And Sexy To Handle!

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Wow, she looks amazing!

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