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One of the best animated characters of all time...that I'll never understand how to play.

You can grab an HD version for $3(300 points), but Patrons get EVERYTHING I draw at over 4K at the $5 tier.

and of course, you can head to my shop to put this image on a phone, poster, shirt, etc:…

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Pants...her mortal enemy
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a black n white pepper...
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She is wonderfully Horny revamp
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Angel for Smash, please Sakurai-sama. 
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sorry, but Smash is for GOOD boys and girls.
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Very nice. I like it. :D
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Angel is great character design with a sprite that felt like it doesn't quite fit with the rest of them in KOF2001 and a command list that made absolutely zero sense.

Cool drawing. I'm not sure if it quite captures her personality. I don't know if Angel should be more carefree or more confrontational. She's clearly the latter in this drawing, which is totally fine.
hybridmink's avatar
I think she's very much having a good time fighting and pretty cocky, especially if you look at her 2D sprite animations.
SKULLuigi's avatar
Best KOF girl! Looking cool!
SKULLuigi's avatar
you're welcome !
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Oh, Angel, The King of Fighters' most alluring bad girl. How can you go wrong with a fine, mischievous woman who fights like The Rock?

Well done with this.
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i know right? Thanks!
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