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• After the release of my LED Cinema Display i wondered about releasing I-MAC in a slightly different way . So i just checked out Apple's website and took an image of I-MAC . I haven't rendered all these things , i have just made some arrangements for using it with our wallpapers.

|- Features

- Keyboard and Mouse
- Glass Reflections
- Tutorial to place wallpapers/Images
- Perfectly sized for deviantART purposes.

|- Creative Commons

- Free for Non-Commercial Use
- Not to be used commercially without permissions
- Not to be supplied freely elsewhere

|- How to put wallpapers in perspective of screen

- For those who dont know how to transform wallpapers in perspective with the screen , here is a short tutorial for you
- 1. Place Your Wallpaper Above the " Black Screen " Layer .
- 2. Press Ctrl + T or whatever you do to Transform the image .
- 3. Now right click on the image/wallpaper while its selected for Transformation and then select Disort .
- 4. Now drag the four corners such that they meet at the edges of the screen and when you are satisfied you can double click on image to transform it .

|-Resources Used -

- I MAC Image From Apple .Inc
- Preview Wallpaper - [link]

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