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Aero x7 Port

By hybridic

Aero x7 Port for Windows 7

A tribute to 007tinar. All the credits and rights to 007tinar.


• For original windowblinds theme Click Here

• Includes substyles for Xp and Windows 7. I recommend Xp users to use the original skin.

What is the difference ?

• Added support for windows 7 superbar.
• Taskbar progess fixed.
• Start Menu fixed.
• Taskbar flashing fixed.

• I dot not own any Rights of this skin.
• My job was Porting it to 7 and if you do find any errors then please contact me.
• I am not having any idea how it will look on Aero and Transperancy because my PC dosent supports Per Pixel Alpha Blending .


• For a better start button please go to your windowblinds 7 "Settings" and then to "Advanced tab" and check "I want the start button to be positioned in the middle of taskbar ".

© T.TECH | 007tinar |

© 2011 - 2021 hybridic
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Looking at "Port" i though it's Windows 7 VS port >,< could you make this as visual style? The proper way it meant to be used D:
hybridic's avatar
sorry but its only for Windowblinds 7 .
I am not into skinning anymore .
darkvaderelectron's avatar
you used hyperdesk's icon's too

smartass :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:
Julian8's avatar
u need to fix when people select ''use small icons'' for TASKBAR ;) and then the taskbar becomes thinner, the orb remains too big also
dixiecup101's avatar
This is an awesome theme. The only thing is in iTunes, the track info (song title, artist etc...) at the top is doubled. The text is very blurry. Any idea on how to fix that?
hybridic's avatar
Actually its just a port for windows 7 , the original theme is by ~007TINAR , try taking his advice . Or maybe you can try something on Skinstudio by editing some of the elements .
Terdog's avatar
Amazing work, looks slick and wicked :)
hybridic's avatar
All the credits to
rajraz's avatar
Love that.........:)
hybridic's avatar
U'll love more !
hybridic's avatar
:wow: ;-) All credits to :icon007tinar:
hybridic's avatar
;-) All credits to 007tinar
half-left's avatar
Nice theme but a Mac screen for the preview? :p
hybridic's avatar
Yeah i was thinking to put a windows symbol instead of the apple. That would help ! :-)
413East's avatar
Macs are pretty...but...PC forever!
SoNiC4000's avatar
I would like to have a port of this for w7 as well T_T
hybridic's avatar
It is already a port for 7
SoNiC4000's avatar
umm but i mean as visual style, well i got corespondention with you from the other WB theme so i already know you can't make Visual Style out of this one.
hybridic's avatar
yeah i cant ! until i get my new graphics card which supports AERO and then i will learn VSB too . Maybe in MAY 2011
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