If you are interested, I have a ModelMayhem Account :) http://www.modelmayhem.com/847861
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Awesome! You're so wonderful to look at, you should think about taking some acting classes. I think you have a very soulful disposition, ya know? Bet that would translate well to (motion) film.
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Kewl, though I think I checked it out earlier... I wish I could afford commissions from some people like you ^^; maybe later

...and sorry about not commenting as much as I usually do D: I've been busy haha
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:aww: *huggles you*
how are you doing Tansie?!
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I am FANTASTIC! Im so happy! The weather is absolutely...gorgeous...and add some trance music to that, makes it even more perfect :excited: how are you? :aww:
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Wow it seems like you're having a really great day ^_^ that's good.

I'm okay. :)
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*huggles you* ^_^
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be sure to look you up!
whats modelmayhem use for
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models, photographers, photoshop wizards, hairstylists, clothing designers, etc =)
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Already found it and browsed it a while ago :) You're not that hard to find :giggle:
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Me too Tansie!!!! [link] Im gonna put in a request!!!:glomp:
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