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Love to you all! :) www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk/us…

Mortal Kombat Inspired: Im obviously a fan of it lol so here are some from around dA :) :

:thumb83291112: :thumb77017130: Mortal Kombat by ki11switch

galaxy. by simoendli Rigid Minority by Ilprezidente Milk and chocolate PAINTING by feawen Spider-Sense colored by kh27s
Downtown by thescreamingid Breath by synconi :thumb94819594: Mr. And Mrs. Skellington :3 by Bittersweet12 Castle In the Sky by iSakira Star Sky by Uhanam blueee by cadhx fire by Shimizu0800 Seal by Shimizu0800 Between Walls by MattSpire A Fool's Errant by Ghost-Dreamer :thumb77852723: Chinese Damsel by TSUKIY0 Angelina Jolie by patricktoifl Jungle by danpurcell
Mother SeaStanding before waves vague wraithlike a shadows dream
cold tide touch reeling back causiosly to embrace
the souls heat would flicker out like a fireflys last blink
its passing not even a ripple remembered
forever cool in face cold in depth uncaring unnoticing but nourishing all in eternity
nothing for more than an instant
:thumb96084471: Perfect Enemy. by hybridgothica

name your most unique music artist, or one you think is unique..you can name a few, not only one :)

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skaterpunk830's avatar
Dir En Grey!!! There singer Kyo has a very unique singing style.
Tell me if you want to, what you think, when I write to you. Be honest with me, if you are comfortable with it.
I can't really gauge how you take me. I'm easy going enough toexcept what ever you say at face value.
I think I've actually run out of things to say...... don't really know what that means. Some times I think that I just think to much. It would probably be easier to think more clearly, but I can't seem to get a certain someone off my mind.
hybridgothica's avatar
aww, well thats ok. when you think of something, feel free to say or ask ^^
TSUKIY0's avatar
Oh man I'm there!!! thank u so much!!!!! ^^

drowninsanity's avatar
thanks so much. im honored. =]
Triton5's avatar
I love the Batman one! more more more! :D
Xtrack's avatar
I have a trance remix of the mortal kombat soundtrack I made in 2003 somewhere on my harddrive I think
hybridgothica's avatar
thats too awesome! :D
rothmir's avatar
I've always loved singers whose voice/sound is unique and can instantly be recognized - my favourite of these is probably Placebo :headbang:
hybridgothica's avatar
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
A wonderful collection you've assembled, thanks for making me a part of it :hug:

As far as music is concerned, I'm a bit out of touch at the moment, to much traveling (not to mention that I'm ancient) :D
hybridgothica's avatar
thank you and youre welcome :)
capitolblueart's avatar
the mortal kombat theme song just rang in ma head.. :paranoid:
hybridgothica's avatar
lmao yeah!! you're awesome :D
capitolblueart's avatar
yes.. im awesome.. :iconcapitolblueart: rawr~
Suds344's avatar
Long Beach Dub All Stars
kh27s's avatar
I've been featured! Thanks a lot :D
hybridgothica's avatar
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