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Welcome to the Hybrid Anthro Club
Wow! Has it been a long time since I've updated this.
I apologise to the few members this club has for not doing so.
Not much has really changed in the time between postings.. I think I need a co-owner to help me with this club. x.X

Anyone who is interensted in co-owning this club.. and haas better views on club making.. PLEASE PM Kitling.


How to join this club
1: You MUST be a hybrid Anthro (have a fursona as such)
2: You need to send a NOTE to this account along with an example of your fursona.
3: The club icon must be placed in either you jounal or you signature as proof of membership.

What is accepted as a Hybrid?
A hybrid must be anthro of two or more species of animal to make one. No humans with animal parts (i.e. cat ears and tails) are allowed.


What's New?
Saturday, August 21, 2004
This club is still pretty new and very low on members. So nothing new for the time being.

:iconkitling: - Dragon/Tiger

:iconorionxz6: - Leopard/Wolf Hybrid
:iconprettykitty: - Mouse/Racoon Hybrid
:iconunis-sone: - Fox/Wolf Hybrid
:icondizziowl: - Lemur/Cat Hybrid
:iconyikamura: - Racoon/Fox Hybrid ??? (Seems like she's still debating XD
:iconmezomaru: - Bobcat/Wolf Hybrid
:iconkhoyote: - Jackal/Wolf Hybrid
:iconnekomeow: - Fox/Cat Hybrid
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