Keep Calm and Cheer Up! (about scammer)
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Published: August 14, 2014
First of all, no panic! Here I'll try help people that are with problems right now and give tips to protect yourself! :iconchitandasmileplz:

Will this go unpunished?

Apparently her (ToxicMutagen Pixlett)  paypal account is closed and she will never be able to create a new one, check here:
<da:thumb id="475461308"/>

What to do if this happened to you

File a claim with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and probably you'll get your money back.
More info in the journal:
<da:thumb id="475419806"/>

These links may help too: Paypal Customer Service | Artists Beware Live Journal
And don't be sad! All will be ok again, you're an amazing artist for working so hard, you can do it! Go go go! :iconokie2plz:

How to prevent this kind of things

do not use only paypal as payment method.

It's really good if customers have payment options and also, paypal isn't the better way of payment for sellers or buyers. Maybe you want to check this out:

Why paypal is so bad?  |  About Paypal  | Screw Paypal* | Paypalsucks
*They also list paypal alternatives and which one not to use (:

Offer new other payment methods, they can be much better than paypal!

And have much more! Some of them may not work in your country, but for sure you'll found one that works!

Leave Feedback

Always when you commission someone or sell, go to the profile of the person and leve a feedback, being honest about the artist/customer. For those who buy art, you can leave a feedback in the commission and the artist can feature the comment.

Feature to artists that need help

I'll put here all artists that still need help with money, that are accepting commissions, donations or selling adopts.


never give up

Your fans always will be in your side, they love you and your art, you're not alone!
And calm down, not everyone is a bad person, be reasonable judging your customers :)

Please send me if you have some helpful link ♥

I want make this journal very useful for everyone, so if you have links that help buyers it's good too!
Give love for the artists, a silly drawing, or just cheer up words is nice!
I hope it helps someone :iconsmile-luplz:

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anime-manga-lover123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg and I thought I was the only one not trusting paypal! But chargebacks and scammers are not the only problem that paypal has !

I've heard horror stories about people getting their account and money frozen by paypal themselves !!! So I guess, they're not exactly a reliable company.

And as much as I would like to try an alternative, I'm not sure if others are trustworthy as well. Others (like stripe, payoneer, skrill etc.) can also freeze people's accounts if they wanted to.

 If I ever start doing commissions, I'll probably take DA points as payment (Yeah, I know points are completely useless in real life, I can't pay bills with them but that's ok cause commissions won't be my only source of income.)
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Golden-Angel-DragonProfessional General Artist
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
No problem ^^
iSprinkles's avatar
iSprinklesHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwhs this is so helpful.So if I want to do commissions,do you think people would be interested in using the other options besides paypal?
I feel so bad for the artists who was scammed.I can't find the journal I originally read earlier to signal boost :c
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
Yes, I think people prefer have many options of payment, just think in yourself as a customer, so you can imagine how much more options better is!
iSprinkles's avatar
iSprinklesHobbyist Digital Artist
Alright thank you ^.^ I'll keep that in mind.
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
No problem ^^
Daughter-of-Kabegami's avatar
Daughter-of-KabegamiHobbyist General Artist
Hey, other people in comment section! XD

I plan on doing commissions, adoptables, etc. in the future, once my art improves some more (because I wanna make sure people get what they paid for. If I did it now...I would say it's worth...$1 or less...XD)
Do any of you people use any online payment methods for selling your art besides PayPal? If so, what is it and would you recommend it? I was kinda thinking of Google Wallet since I could easily use it anywhere else if I get the card and it would notify me when I buy something. If you can use the card anywhere and the phone in some stores, then I am sure it is worth looking into, since stores wouldn't allow you to pay using something they don't trust.

But, just like when I bought Manga Studio 5, I would like to ask people that have experience with this payment method or a different one if they could please tell me what they think about it.
I understand that PayPal could be okay as long as you are cautious, but I don't wanna take the risk unless I feel like I need to.

Thanks! <3
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
Hi hi!

Yes, I think people would love other methods of payment besides paypal, and, if no one start accepting, no one will try other methods, I think many artists should "open" more options, and don't let paypal dominate the world, I don't like paypal at all, and many people don't like as well...
I want to use Google Wallet <3 and the ones I recommend are in the post (=
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BienooHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks alot for featuring me! qvq
I JUST made a new journal and put some characters up for sale! if you could link that journal instead of this one, that'd be awesome!
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
No problem  ^^ I wish good luck for you <3
I updated the link!
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NonzevHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear she most likely can't scam anymore through paypal. This journal was a nice update! I was very sad for all the artists, I hope things calm down and that they can find smiles again when doing commissions ^_^
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
Yep yep =3
I think everyone is more calm now ^^
refinedgluttony's avatar
refinedgluttonyStudent General Artist
Thank god. It's over. Thank you for sharing this!! I am so relieved!!!
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
Yes yes ^^ and now the paypal is returning the money for the artists (=
refinedgluttony's avatar
refinedgluttonyStudent General Artist
naopuccino's avatar
You're very helpful for this<3
And I hope everyone who was affected by this will get back on their feet soon! >,<
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
Awn I'm glad to know I can help someone~
And yes yes, seems the artists will get they money back
naopuccino's avatar
I saw~
On Yamio's journal :3
It's great that Paypal finally helps X'D
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
Hyanna-NatsuStudent Digital Artist
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