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► Hyan, a potato

Self-taught Anime style since 2008 Freelance digital artist

Hey there, I'm Hyan, I love eating chocolate and drawing!
If you came here searching for my nationality or age, sorry you won't find D:
Why you wonder? Hmm I feel uncomfortable, and it's about privacy too.
I hope you can respect that... Thank you!

Favorite animes: Please check here! 
Next stream: I don't know rly  [ Stream Playlist Link ♪ ]  

 Social media

 YouTube  •  Twitter  •  Tumblr  •  PicartoTV  •  RedBubble  •  PixivInstagram

Click on the green links, not in the images:

► Workstation [ Info about the tools ]

Pc by Hyanna-Natsu   Tablet by Hyanna-NatsuRecording by Hyanna-Natsu

Canvas by Hyanna-NatsuProgram by Hyanna-NatsuProgram2 by Hyanna-Natsu

► My most used brushes [ Pen Settings + Brush Textures ]

Pen-Normal by Hyanna-NatsuPenTexture by Hyanna-NatsuPencil-CSP (2019) by Hyanna-NatsuAirbrush by Hyanna-Natsu

Hover on the question to see the answer:

Free art?

• Do you do art trades, requests, collabs?

Art Trade: Now that is a bit complicated, some times, even when some nice artist with great skills ask me to do so, I refuse because of the amount of work I already have to do ;w; so--- please check the "events" to-do list in my profile, if there's more than 3 going on, then please do not ask for one ; w ; 
And before considering to ask, keep in mind that Art-Trade is about equal exchange, you get what you give. 
For now I will be accepting from friends/mutual only, alright? ♥
Free request/gifts: I'll offer at random, do not ask for one please Bear Emoji-06 (Disappointed) [V1] 

Collabs: Friends only sorry ^^

• What's Kiriban?

"Kiriban" is a word that lots and lots of people use, especially here on Deviantart. Get the pageview hit, get a gift.

My prizes usually are experimental art, which means I make it with love and pleasure ♥
Previous ones:
Kiriban - Flower soul by Hyanna-Natsu  Kiriban Prize - Aileen by Hyanna-Natsu  Kiriban Prize - Luna by Hyanna-Natsu

1,111,111 winners:
1. Meyliiin 
2. rinelu 
3. NawaeDana [done]

• Can I draw your OCs?

Sure thing >w< that actually makes me super happy!
So please feel free to have fun with any listed here: Hyan Original Characters
And thank you a tons * W*) //I will leave you a comment if you post it, just be patient please! ♥

Technical stuff 

• Can you make X tutorial please?

Maybe, be patient, I will create when I get time / or when I learn how to explain~
//I'm a bit impatient when comes to teaching >A> sorry!

:iconhyan-doodles: has silly doodles and tutorials! >> [tutorials folder link] <<

Check for sketchy tutorials:
How to Kawaii Chibi  • Roses  • MessyTutorialSheet
Hair-And-Skirt  • Old Pixel TutorialFace and Expressions
Soft afternoon - Steps [blur and soft effect]

• Are you switching to CSP? Why?

Not sure if switching,  but I'm using Clip Studio more for polished pieces, because I love how it is to do lineart there!
There isn't much more reason that that to be honest, both programs are great and I like them for different purposes.

• How do you make your lineart so soft/sharp/clean?

First please check the canvas size above. Now, my pen settings.
Also play with the settings, maybe you need less density/opacity in your brush, a higher stabilizer number, etc, try out stuff!
Now check the "do you have any useful drawing tips" question ;3

My lineart is on multiply mode, then I color with light/dark colors depending how I want it to looks like ^^ 

How I change lineart color: lock the layer (preserve opacity) and then with the brush color it. 
Or CTRL+U (hue and saturation on filters menu) and use the slider to change it C:

• What do you do on the lineart "cleanup"?

Nothing special, really, just because you can't see it on the videos doesn't mean it is a super complicated step @_@
It's just too boring and take me usually 2 hours or so, it is too much time! //except sketch styles
So-- for sketch styles, I just go and erase the wrong lines and draw over it ^^
For non-sketch, I create new layers and trace over the sketch-- that's all. really.
And the pen settings are the same as on the sketch, maybe a bit more of opacity~

• How did you learn anatomy?

TL;DR; Copying and observing ;3  >> Full answer here. Click! <<

• How do you come up with so many nice poses?

First I look up a lot of inspirations if I'm out of ideas!
Then combine that with how is the character personality, and imagine how the character behave on daily life ~
Or you can come up with a situation, for example... if they like books, draw them reading, sitting on a huge book, hiding the face with one if they are shy, and so on~
Also you can use Design Doll to play with a 3D model and have a better reference on how the body works as well perspective!

• How do I get a lot of commissions like you? How to start?

TL;DR; Show your art to the world! >> Full answer here. Click!<<
And as always, be patient, work hard, be positive C:

• What's the difference between cell-shading and soft shading?

One's more sharp and refined whilst the other is softer more faded.
Credit of the answer goes to Mikhanator

• Do you have any useful drawing tips?

Practice! NO KIDDING.
Look at many drawings, try understand what makes it so good, look at many images, photos...
Observe, everything! Sometimes I stop and look the objects around just to try understand how the light works~
Do it, and do more, observe the world, try understand the way the things work, but the best tips I can give to you:
Practice, look at many references (drawings or real life) and observe, and try understand. Be patient and try to have discipline!
Also draw with your soul, free yourself, be happy, and love ♥

• Where do you find the musics for your videos? Do you get copyright strikes?

Actually, there's not only one source = 3= we just--- search (really!)~
You can try searching for the artists names I credit on the description, check the links too.
Also search by theme, like fantasy, denpa, instrumental, etc. Another good search is to look for comiket albums C:
And I do get copyright strike, it de-monetize the video, but it don't affect my account, so I'm fine with that ^^

• How do you edit your videos?

My boyfriend is the one who does that, more info there: Workstation Info

Copying Hyan 

• Can I copy your art?

For practice and study, yes sure!
Just beware of people comparing you and judging you as copy-cat and art thief.
So be careful where you post and to credit me when you do so C:
Build a nice reputation and always be honest about your art ok? 

>> Longer answer here <<

• Can I copy your style?

Sure thing, there's no copyright for that, and you are free to color pick my colors and use my eyes style, anatomy, etc.
If you copy the entire pose, then better credit me ok? (read previous answer for more)

• A person is re-posting/copying/tracing your art

Ok, now, before you go and note me or leave a comment in my profile try to talk to the person please.
I get a lot of messages about it, and most of them are solved just asking to the person to take it down or to credit me.
Bullet; Red For re-posting:
Here on dA - ask them to delete it + report the account
Outside dA - if they are linking back/not making profit, that's fine, don't need to do anything.
But if it's straight up stealing/saying they did it themselves, report + ask them to delete it.
Bullet; Yellow For copying/tracing, credits are a must. 
Bullet; Green If it is sharing and not re-posting (meaning they credited and linked back to me) no need to do anything! 

If talking doesn't work, they are probably a troll, so not worth wasting your time right?
Report to the site you see it, leave a comment on their profile and done.

Please be polite and nice, some are new in the artist community and do not know about these rules.

  Still curious about something not mentioned here?
Feel free to ask bellow on the comments!  kaomoji set 1 18/19 

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Hiwwo Hyan! Have you ever thought about uploading your Hyan brush to CSP's store so we could find it? I made the brush but I accidentally deleted it and I don't know what kind of texture (OopsIdiditAgain) is.

Kyomi-Vanilla's avatar

Hewwo hyan!!

I have a question..

Where do you search up references for poses??

For me Google isnt the best place to get references..

Is there a website or something you get references for?? Like pixiv??

Micha-chu's avatar

pinterest! there's also instagram, twitter and even tumblr! kaomoji set 2 18/67

GourmetSocks's avatar

One question, to make your art look less pixally) do you make canvas size huge! The massive? So that it looks more clean? I use ibispaintX because I can’t afford a PC or a drawing tablet not because of broke reasons.

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Maybe yes? The big canvas and then resizing down to post helps a lot!

GourmetSocks's avatar

Okie thanks Hyan! Oof I hope you are having a great day, oof I guess?

Dragontaks's avatar

Hi Hyanna i just wanted to know what’s your shortcut buttons for paint tool sai because I’m new to it and I don’t know what to do. thank you

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

You can go on Others > Keyboard shortcut and set it up the way is best for you c:

The only thing I modified/added was to increase selection using CTRL+I

Buggii's avatar

hi!! i just wanted to ask how u resize your twitch emotes im getting into it and need some tips

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

I use PS, for the smallest sizes I resize and then retouch anything that doesn't look good.

RandomGirl2312's avatar

Are you going to start posting on Youtube again? it's been two months and there's been nothing.

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Yes, eventually c:

hhhh00004444's avatar

by the way about "copying hyan" can we copy other styles like "polished sketch, chibi, shinyshading, reference sheet" too? you’re my biggest inspiration c:

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Yes for sure ^W ^

Just credit me and I will be thankful!

hhhh00004444's avatar

omgg you replied to me tysm! i‘m sorry i forgot to also ask if it’s okay to also do commissions in your style? there’s someone doing commissions and their style is just like yours

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Sure, no problem!

They don't seem to be tracing, but just referencing, and I'm fine with that.

theblessedgalaxy's avatar

I’m not Hyan but you Can ”copy“ or use these things as references. Copying this stuff does not go under a copywright law anyways. So you can use this stuff to look at. its actually much harder to copy something than draw it, and you still need a lot of practice to draw it. So basically, there’s no problem of using these as a reference, but tracing is not okay.

hhhh00004444's avatar

i think you didn’t quite understand my question, i mean i won’t copy her whole drawings, but is drawing stuff in other styles like "shinyshading" and etc ok? like looking at references from google and drawing a random character myself but in her other style? i really love her art, her coloring, lineart and etc all that, but i wouldn’t ever trace art, that’s just really wrong! i try to do and learn things myself (>人<;)

theblessedgalaxy's avatar

Yeah, I get what you mean. You can always use her style! Art styles can’t be “copied.” I’m also aiming to be as good as her haha. So yeah, that’s fine.

hhhh00004444's avatar

hey, i’ve seen like 10 or more people use this pic as their profile pictures, is it okay for them to do that or no? also is it okay for them to not credit you or do we need to ask them to take it down? i asked one to take it down and their excuse was "but i found it on google!"

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Ask the to credit me, if they don't know me, show them this link and say "it's from Hyanna Natsu, credit her, that's a paid drawing" or something o wo)

thanks for telling me!

hhhh00004444's avatar

okay i will tell them so and show, you’re welcome!! c:

ain0-0's avatar

Hi Hyanna! Just wanted to thank you for your awesome speed paints. You're such an inspiration. I actually have a (silly, noob -_-) question regarding your painting process.

When you are shading: how do you keep your density pen pressure on and yet avoid brush overlaps? For example, in this video from 16:50 onwards.

Actually if anybody can answer this for me I'll be really happy T_T

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Hmm on my pen, 62 is a very opaque brush, and density is different from opacity, just experiment with what you have, but I also change density accordingly to my needs o wo

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