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Temporary moved my info to google docs

Please check there, I do not accept commissions through notes anymore.

You can leave questions down here C:

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

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hi! i was wondering if you did pngtuber chibi commissions, and how much those might be?

like, the little chibi busts that have one open mouth and one closed version of the same piece, specifically! nothing super complex.

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Hey ! Is there a approximately date when you will be able to accept again reference sheet commissions ? Love your work ! Continue making wonders with your art !

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How much are your chibis on an average?

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They keep increasing accordingly to the demand, so please check the link~

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Hi! I'm wondering what something like your DA profile picture would cost. So like an avatar! Thanks, your work is wonderful.

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That would be Hyanshading style, follow the link to know the price ^^

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Just to clarify what commission exactly would these be?

Commission - Happiness Droplets
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These are bust hyanshading!

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I saw on your commission sheet that you’re now doing live 2d commissions, I wanted to know does that include rigging and do you have any example videos of the models moving? Thank you!

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I do not do the rigging, it's only the layered model ready to rig c:

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how much would a commission with two people on it cost? Do I just multiple the prices x2 ?

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Yes you just multiply the price ^^

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Hi ^^ i was wondering how much would it cost emotes of one of my characters ? (5 emotes)
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Just follow the link there, it has all the info you need.

Note that her emote comms are currently closed, though.

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Do you happen to have a pinglist at all? I would love to commission you for some emotes but see that they're currently closed.

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No, I don't create pinglist, sorry :(

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Are your commissions open? And how much would a sketchy referencsheet cost?
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Hello! I read through your TOS and noticed that you give psd files to the commissioner at their request. What exactly are psd files and how do they work/why are they important ?

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psd are photoshop files, that way you can continue editing / make alterations if needed. Often it has layers, outlines, coloring, etc.

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How long does it usually takes you to finish a commission?

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It highly depends on the type of the commission.

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I think I am looking at the wrong site, but I am trying to find the form to fill out before e-mailing you. Where is the exact link?

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