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Temporary moved my info to google docs

Please check there, I do not accept commissions through notes anymore.

You can leave questions down here C:

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

Original code by pastelsneakers + pjuk edited by Hyanna-Natsu
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Are your commissions open? And how much would a sketchy referencsheet cost?
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Hello! I read through your TOS and noticed that you give psd files to the commissioner at their request. What exactly are psd files and how do they work/why are they important ?

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How long does it usually takes you to finish a commission?

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I think I am looking at the wrong site, but I am trying to find the form to fill out before e-mailing you. Where is the exact link?

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Under the reference sheet commissions.

Maybe you found it but just in case~

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hi, this might be a dumb question but i've never paid for a commission before. i was just wondering how do they work? do i just describe the character i'm looking to be drawn, or should i draw a sketch, even if i suck at drawing? thank you!

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If you click in one of the links, there's more about how to commission, also there's a Commissions FAQ on top, so check these out please c:

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hi hyan~ i was wondering if you take private commissions? i’m willing to pay extra u.u

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Hi Hyan~ I remember you making some posts a while ago talking about possible commission changes when Eclipse is here. I was wondering if I should be concerned about anything if I'm paying for a comm in points;; 
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Hi hi

I will still accept the points payment from the ones in the waiting list.
But won't take it from new customers~
So you don't need to worry, it's all good!
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Ahh alright sounds good. Thank you~ ^^
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Hi hyan!!!! Im gonna ask you, how do i order a commision? Plz answer me!

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Read the journal you are commenting on, please C:
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Hi Hyan, I was just wondering how much would it cost for an emote thingy of one of my characters? I’d be paying via PayPal, I would like to know how much so that I can save up to buy a commission from you. I really adore your artwork, btw! Keep it up! ❤️
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Thanks for the answer!!! <3
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If the list is still open, I would like to be added
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Hello! I've noticed you accept points for commission. I really love your art style so I was wondering, how much would it cost in points do a character design? Thank you so much! :heart:
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I only accept commissions under $160 to be paid in points.
So unless you are talking about chibi design, normal style is not possible~
it's $70 for a chibi reference sheet + $40 character design = $110 (11000 points)
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Ohhh alrighty, thank you so much!
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What are points and how do you get them?

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