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[+Video] Commission - Toxic Smile

By Hyanna-Natsu
♦ Colored sketch bust commission 2/5 for YumePantsu

YouTube Icon Time-lapse video available, click here to watch! Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender  

My past drawings has been so intense, be it on meaning or expressions xD
I'm getting really into drawing characters with cool faces :3
This one was slight inspired on Fuwaffy:
by slight I mean I stared her pretty art before drawing mine~
(that's how it usually works for me)

Do I need to say it was super fun to work with her?
The design is so hnng pretty, every bit of it is exciting to draw!
//except the hat, I struggle with hats hoi
But ahh the buns, the bows, cat cleavage, everything so pretty ♥
Thank you for giving me such beauty to be drawn Yume! * W*)

[+Video] Commission - Fluff by Hyanna-Natsu

• • •
Tablet Gaomon M106K | Paint Tool Sai | Edited in Photoshop 
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Character (c) YumePantsu | Design (c) Black-Quose
Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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* by Kittyrocker
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SergeantDilk's avatar
Omg, I fell in love with the pastel theme! ~ Love 
PandaStacey's avatar
This is Nice she is so Pretty I also like the clothes ideas they are super cool
lMikaseSakiyamal's avatar
aw this is so cute!

well can i tell you something weird?
one of my friends when we were in 3th grade, she watched your video in class

and wanted to be just like u when she grew older

and i get it cuz your art is just amazing!
VanillaMetal's avatar
SapphireWithASoul's avatar
She look like a mom France (Love Spread) [V1]  Love it Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 
artbyanindi's avatar
ughhhhhh this is absolutely beautiful
your artwork always inspires me :D
esmoc's avatar
Cool design! Her hair looks amazing. I wonder if is it hard to make that style irl xD
Queen4428's avatar
She's so cute! She looks like 小乔 in 王者荣耀.(King of Glory)😊
Oricimakoo's avatar
wowww how do you do the shadings ~
Frappe7's avatar
toxic smile is still very pretty!
Solcyon's avatar
ahhhhhh I've really enjoyed seeing the evolution of your art style TwT so pretty <33
ShinnaAkatsuki's avatar
So  kawaii!! ( i don't speak inglish)
really pretty i love the space buns <3333
Black-Quose's avatar
this is so amazing woah... * 0 * //
Veronica453's avatar
really beautiful!!! I love hair owo <3333
Kaldrinn's avatar
Oh yeah the design is so pretty, and you made her very very well, so soft and beautiful ! :happybounce: :heart:
pinkmintprincess's avatar
I love, love, love your coloration and eyes!
TheMegaMeowstic's avatar
I love everything about this piece! The look she has on her face, the way you drew her hair buns, the pretty flowers in the background... <3
Nearys's avatar
really cute :)
Kunoichi14's avatar
This is beautiful! HFGHJSNMDNHamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Puppypaww's avatar
AAAaaaaah im in love !! Emoji26 
i really like the colors here !! Emoji24 

i feel like youre really improving lately !! not only with your coloring but with everything else too !! 
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