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[+Video] Commission - To The Stars!

Crayon shading chibi commission 1/2 for ArttMalak
Kyaaa I loved drawing her, the colors, the design, everything is sooo cute!
Her dream is to touch the stars, so I did she trying to touch one *U*
Super adorable oc <33

YouTube Icon Time-lapse video available, click here to watch! Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] pink star 

Commission - Watercolor by Hyanna-Natsu

• • •
Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen | Paint Tool Sai
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu
Character (c) ArttMalak
Design (c) Neko-Rina 
Don't repost, copy, or use without my permission.

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* by Kittyrocker
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finally, i found the original. good job btw

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Holy God, I never thought that I would find the original picture. I always see this on those typical websites with "aNiMe BaCkGrOuNdS" that are put in there without crediting the artist whatsoever.

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i swear i've come across thousands of aNime pIctUReS "compilation" on facebook that has this pic. This is the most stolen picture ever. Anyway, you're legendary!
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oml, my weakness!!! I think I've fainted. 
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I wish I could draw as well as you can
I wish I looked that good when I too short and trying to reach something on a high shelf lol
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This is so beautiful!!
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cute!!Clap Heart Heart Otome Sparkleeye Icon Ichigo Thumbs Up Icon Mikuru Talking Icon Ichigo Happy Icon Icon Yurika Todo - Aikatsu  [ #28 ] Maria Smile Icon Kii Aikatsu Icon Kii Talking Icon Ichigo Eating Icon GIF Gravity Falls - A Pony (Celestabellebethabell) GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle Pencil Swirl clapping icon Clapping Pony Icon - Lovestruck 
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Woaaaaw So cuuute
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It's very cute draw 
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how do u download shimejis
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So kawaii
I used this drawing as a refrence to a work I made without knowing it was yours. Do you want me to add a credit?
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Thanks ^^
Oh yes please, credits are always appreciated!
Nyanachii's avatar…
Here, I added credits in the comments.
Also, can I draw this? (I want to draw this again, but last time I didn't ask for your premission, but now I ask ^-^')
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