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[+Video] Commission - Sweet Exchange

By Hyanna-Natsu
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♦ Hyanshading chibis commission for Operation-NovaCross

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So long since I did polished and detailed chibis! Woah!
I sure took my sweet time working on these two cuties~
but why rush anyway, I was enjoying myself so much * W*)
I love their designs, and their colors go so well together!
Had lots of fun and happiness from this piece ♥ ♥

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Tablet Gaomon M106K | Paint Tool Sai 
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Character (c) Operation-NovaCross 
Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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* by Kittyrocker
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they look so cute
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Beautiful coloring!
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Oh look it’s Popee and Kedamono

no I’m kidding this is so cute
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Omg you are so good at this  Eye Zoom 
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ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND EXTRA CUTE!!!! I JUST LOVE THIS!!!!! Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon This is one super fine piece of art work you have here!!!!  
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Aww, this is cute on so many levels. The main one being a bunny girl feeding a kitty girl a donut. There's so much to look at: the outfits, the hairstyles, all the small details... I can say you had a lot of fun and went all out on this. I love your art style and how you draw chibis. You put so much effort to everything, from the cute body proportions to the precise line that maches the picture's colour scheme.
The girls' designs are very creative; for example, the different patterns in the girls' ears or the red cross symbol in the bunny girl's eyes. But I find them clever too, as you can read the characters' personality not only from their facial expression, but from their entire look. The bunny girl is bouncy and has her hair up, which indicates her cheerfulness. She's sporting a nurse outfit, meaning that she's also helpful and responsible. And from the way she's feeding the other girl, I can say that she can be hasty but knows her friend well. The kitty girl is a great contrast to that. Her hair is down in braids and withough all the decora, so she doesn't like showing off as much but is stylish non the less. She has long sleaves and stockings, so she also might be a little shy. And her glasses and constellations on her skirt make is seem that she's a study type. Finally, the wings of both girls could symbolize their liberty.
The motion in this picture is wonderful: the hair and skirts in the air really make it look as if time's stopped. The dimentions are also handled really well. The colors are a mixture of bright and pastel and compliment each other nicely. So much so, that it creates a satisfying, sweet feeling. I also like how they merge together. The background is light, so it makes the characters stand out, and adds more to the "love" and "sweets" theme. Last but not least, the picture is bright and cheery, the details are outstanding and the shading works perfectly.
That's about all I can point out. It's needless to say that you are very talented and have a knack in making people smile through your art. Have a nice day and keep up the amazing work.
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Woah thank you so much for your so big comment ♥ ♥
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You're very welcome
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paint gaby0502
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this is the most kawaii-est thing ever!
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I love the colors n everything is so cutee <33
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THIS IS ADORABLE AHHH i love all the colors and the details <33
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I loved!! So sweet colors
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So adorbs I can't handle >:3
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THE CUTENESS! THE CUTENESS I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Awwww so cute! XD
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diabetically sweet OwO
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