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[+Video] Commission - Sunshine

Hyanshading chibi commission for Ryushi

Gaah she has the combination of colors that I love to work with!
It's so relaxing to the eyes and makes my heart smile <3
I'm also changing my eye shading, what do you think? I'm happy with the result!

• • •
Tablet Gaomon M106K | Clip Studio Paint Pro
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Character (c) Ryushi_art
Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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* by Kittyrocker
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Hermosa ❤️😍

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Adorable! Love how you did her eyes. Great work!

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oh my gosh, she looks so adorable! :aww: Love how you did her eyes.

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omg this is so cute and adorible.

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This is amazing! The colours are great

Trop mignonne !

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Awww she’s so cute ♡

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Adorable and cute ❤️❤️😍🥰

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This is adorable, good job

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this is so cute omg :prettyplease: - NaNoEmo 5/30

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This is soo cuuuuuteee😭
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such a cutie

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WOW! If I had a job and wasn't broke I would totally ask to buy it!^^;

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