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[+Video] Commission - Kawaii Ghosts

Colored sketch chibi commission for mufflins

YouTube Icon Time-lapse video available, click here to watch! Boo! 

Pastel colors, pink, purple, ghosts, ahhh so many cute stuff together!
Drawing different expressions for chibis is so fun, they look even more prettier x)

• • •
Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen | Paint Tool Sai | Edited in Photoshop
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Character (c) mufflins | Species (c) CHARIKO
Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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* by Kittyrocker
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© 2017 - 2021 Hyanna-Natsu
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Hi, would I be able to use this picture for an icon of my profile on a website? i'll make sure to put all the links to you and credit you if it's okay. If not thanks for your time, the art is super cute! 
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Please ask permission to the owner mentioned on the description C:
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You can only use Hyanna’s art as a profile picture if it is a commission you bought. <3
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What program do you use?
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Check the description please ^^
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i am so glad i discovered your art, it is SO CUTE
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Hi sorry to bother you again, but this piece has been referenced or traced by the same person, InkuChxn234.
Fanart For Kedamona x3 by InkuChxn234
I thought that you should know. 
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i have been watching your videos and art and i absolutely love it!!!
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Why is is coming out from her skirt? XD
Either it's coming out her butt, or she has a ghost for a tail.
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I hope it's a tail.
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Very cute chibi and very cute colors))
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"Nuuu~! You're so mean to play the Ghostbusters theme and scare me! Hmph! I didn't wanna haunt your house and scare you anyways!"
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I love the pic good job :)
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AHHHH SO CUTEE your commissions are OPEN?!?! sadasdas
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Aw, how cute. I love the way you used ghosts in such a kawaii way. It's not an easy thing to do in my opinion ^^
Neko2309Otaku's avatar
awwwwwwww adorable
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