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[+Video] Commission - Flower Tea Time

♦ Celshading chibi commission for Richi-san

YouTube Icon Time-lapse video available, click here to watch! light cherry blossom Free To Use Coffee Pixel 

Drawing calm moments like that using chibis is so precious!
Enjoyed this one a lot, she made me feel comfy and happy ♥
Struggled a bit with the pose, but it's ok ^^
As always, shading white is very relaxing!

[+Video] Commission - Purple Magic by Hyanna-Natsu

• • •
Tablet Gaomon M106K | Paint Tool Sai | 
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Character (c)Richi-san
Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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Eep, this is so cute! I love how you did the eyes and expression- I really get a content and cosy vibe from this picture :) 
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Snuggles the cutie.
All your drawings are sooo pretty!
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Would it be OK if I used "Unicat" and "Flower Tea Time" for my profile pictures? I'll credit!! And I also drew them! Yours are still better...! 
I LOVE YOUR VOICE BTW :D   (Your voice ish very beautiful!!) (Not..trying to be weird!)  
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Please ask the owner of the character for permission C:
They are always linked on the description~
thank you!
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This is so cute and all fuzzy awwwwww.  *.*I can't wait to see your video on YouTube. I am one of your subscribers, Kotonoha katsura my name. You may remember me. :) I just want to cuddle ur OC forever and ever. <3. 

Maybe you can sell it to a chibi producing store.

I would immediately buy it. <3 Have a nice day.

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That drawing is really sweet!!
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That's really pretty!
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That is so adorable!! i feel like hugging and cuddling her!
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Love your art😃
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It's really cute Love Heart 
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better then my art oof 
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OMG she is so cuuuuuute! :D 
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So beautiful~ I love the way you draw chibi! cat blow kiss emoji 
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Definitely one of my favorites that you’ve done so far! Sooo dang cute!^*
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aww so adorable
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