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[+Video] Commission - Binary Soul

Fullbody colored sketch reference sheet commission for GreyHarpy

YouTube Icon Time-lapse video available, click here to watch!  

Wohoo I enjoyed drawing this cutie so so much, she is very pretty!
Loved the concept since the beginning <33
When sketching her, I imagined light dress, but I knew it would be black and gold, which is a great combination as well!
My favorite part was drawing the expressions and her hair yess, so adorable! Day100 - Squealing 

//Probably I sound so suspicious saying that enjoyed creating every character people commission me to >A>
//but it's true, what can I do i w i

The costumer wanted me to add a quote about the commission/character:
"If in the far future it becomes trendy to design or purchase A.I. operating systems to run your computers and manage the affairs of your busy life, it's not hard to imagine something like *Aros being designed. One idea of many: a cute and diligent "Dusk Angel" who will manage all of your programs, fight viruses for you, sing for you, banter with you, and show a warm smile no matter how much of a socially awkward technophile you may or not be. Originally a character from a discarded Visual Novel script concerning dystopia, death, and redemption, I'm relieved that this heroine could find her place in a much brighter world as a simple mascot of my Twitch livestream. I hope my original idea and Hyanna's excellent design & sketchwork will bring even a small amount of light to your days, as well."

~ GreyHarpy (VN4Mock)

Commission - Gno*Sah Spellcat Protocol by Hyanna-Natsu  [+Video] Commission - T.IA by Hyanna-Natsu

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Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen | Paint Tool Sai | Text added on Photoshop
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu
Character (c) GreyHarpy
Don't repost, copy, edit, or use without my permission.

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That one wing unsatisfy me a bit....Sweating a little... 
Very cute!   Wonderful expressions!
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Old but so cooooool!! Checking the rest of your art out now, loving it so much.
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I know.. maybe it's old, but can I do husky-virus protocol? If I can...
You can if you believe you can.
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... This is like so adorable and pretty and awesome AAAH!! The drawing is beautiful and the character is so lovable TwT
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this my favorite A.I. girl. She's so adorable. I love the hairclip, it looks so soft and fuzzy!
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Am I allowed to possibly make an OC in the a.i assistant category?
i will credit grey harpy for the idea and you for inspiration.
I would be curious.

I know I'm pretty mysterious about the details, but these A.I. typically have an acronym for a name, different costumes based on their selected Protocol, and have their special skills somewhat related to their theme (*arOS as a defense program [angel], for example). Other than that, there's a lot of different directions to go in.

It'd be nice to have a little credit, though. OTL
more a.i. virtual assistant ref sheet NNOOOOOOWWWWW
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"My skill is a reflection of your comand" ROASTED! XD

She looks amazing, I like the fact that she's like bird-themed? (Because of the wing and "songbird protocol"). I also like this concept, isn't something new, but here it was applied with tons of creativity. I would kill for an app of her! 

And also I love the black and gold combination, I always thought it looks very elegant. That's a plus for the design.

Nice work from both, the costumer and you. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you very much ^^
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is it just me or is "arOS" based off of "ctOS" from watch_dogs(2)?
No, although I do find the ongoing guessing games with my V.P.A.s amusing.
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i get OS is "Operating System" but you really aren't giving us any hints with "ar". I spend time over analyzing games and such, aka the reason for my comparison.
"Operating Servant", actually. Just as the "Ia in "*T.Ia" refers to Interactive Agent. But those two titles are on the character sheets themselves, so I guess it's not so scandalous to reveal something like that.

Next time there's an *arOS piece, I'll have a short story to accompany it. I'm sure some little things will be revealed through that.
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Ahhh but you already have revealed little things just by the quotes and the characters themselves. Of course "Operating Servant" refers to them as "Servants (Slaves)" made by using the arOS. If I'm correct " Originally a character from a discarded Visual Novel script concerning dystopia, death, and redemption" and the fact that Tia has a single handcuff referencing "her past" hence me calling them slaves earlier. The code which she was formed from comes from the "Dusk Angel" Model due to the fact that it is stated she originally had black hair. The world is highly connected due to the fact hacking models exist and are being made underground by a developer or two. Its highly probable T.I.A escaped her previous owners ending up with "Master". She also is known to refer to herself as "Mutt" showing low self esteem and expectant of punishment in times of failure.
Interesting theories. None of them outright true, but with shreds of truth. I think you'll be interested in the third and final A.I. girl - especially since she would be neither an Operating Servant nor an Interactive Agent. I shouldn't say more.

I do like being coy, but don't think me un-intrigued; I just think a short story would be much more engaging than me just listing a bunch of facts on a comment page.

I'm glad you have a bit of interest in Dyspharia.
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I completely agree with the story! And to the first comment, that's what a majority of theorizing is until i get new information! Build the world on what I have and accept all possibilities... I'm that deep in the quarantine.
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I don't think so~ better ask GreyHarpy ^^
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*thumbs up* :3
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