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[+Video] Adopt - Bunny Baker

Seasons are changing and on our small species group we made something:
Lotus Flower :petalsbullet: Udroid Spring Event! Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Lilac yellow flower pixel bullet ? 
You can check all babies of this and past event clicking [here]
Mine is already taken, Chia bunny now belongs to Weemelia and ilonaloo!

Editor-san spent a long time to make today's video~
YouTube Icon So make sure to check out the available timelapse by clicking here Pink pixel flower bullet

Information about this Udroid!
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Rarity: Rare
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Flower/ flowers: Salvia hispanica
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Animal traits: Bunny
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Job: Bakery shop helper
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Traits:
- No pupils (C)
- Mechanical bunny ears (C)
- Barcode on the neck (C)
- Doll-like joints at fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles (C)
- Storage tail (R)
- Duo colored eyes (lime+violet) (R)
- Glitter eyes (R)
- Multi-colored hair (white+violet+black strand) (R)

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Description:
"Fresh from Udroid factory, this spring event brings you Chia bunny:
She is specialized in baking breads and other pastries! Optionally you can swipe her SD card for another bread recipes if you wish for a family-secret recording (this clever bunny will follow along and reproduce step-by-step perfectly). You may not realize at first glance, but she has freckles and glitter eyes, and the flower print is only on her left ear.
Not only her tail can keep the stored items warm, but also her hands, so be careful, they can burn you, even if she don't mean it (she will apologize endlessly!)."

• • •
Tablet Gaomon M106K | Clip Studio Paint Pro | Edited in Photoshop
Art and Design (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Species (c) Hyanna-Natsu & Shimmer5O

Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

Commissions info | FAQ | Redbubble | You Tube</small> * by Kittyrocker

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aaaaaaaaa its so cute😆😆

g8ut's avatar

she's super cute!

Adorable! And how do you adopt??

Great work mate :)

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A jello bouncing drawing contest is ongoing and will continue until the end of April, you will love the contest and you would easily win the contest!

nochu7's avatar
Waa !! how beautiful !
Mangakar's avatar
I love it. Ai cute!
mortalshinobi's avatar

cute and colorful

Weemelia's avatar

Ahh here I am to post a little comment!~ I'm still can't believe that I was able to get such a gorgeous and adorable design from you! *o* This bunny girl has such a unique and fresh color palette and everything I love (the comfy sweater, dress, ribbons and even a little bunny on the apron ♥) I seriously love all the little details you wrote down about her and the description is so sweet as well! I also really love how you incorporated the flower into the design, having it on the ears and tail is perfect! Thank you for blessing us with such a gorgeous design Hyan! <33

Watching the speedpaint was amazing as well, I loved watching her coming to life and seeing all the changes you applied to the initial design! *o*

By the way, we gave her a name, she is Willow <33

ilonaloo's avatar

I can only say tysm for letting me co-own her, Weem! I love her design and I never thought I'd fall in love with a green colour palette but here I am xD! So Hyan, great job as always! keep it up with the great work!

purplelion12's avatar

beautifully adorable

Evodolka's avatar

such an adorably cool design :D

Altarahhn's avatar

Aww, so cute! Lovely work, well done! 😊🥰

AquaHoodie's avatar

Sooo cute! Beautiful drawing!

Very Very cute. well done

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