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Fanart - Minah

Gift to one of my inspiration artists Chaesu!

After re-designing Niwa, I thought to myself...
"hmmm, I want to draw Minah, and she is a model... what if Niwa hired her?"
So here she is with one of Niwa's new clothing line, it's street-wear fashion!
Not like I love it or anything heheheheheheh
She is wearing her favorite sneakers to feel extra comfy on the photoshoot Camera

I did it purely for fun and I feel so good i wi) it's relaxing to draw things for personal enjoyment at times!
And Minah is a gorgeous OC, I love her body and hair color * W*) pretty!!

• • •
Tablet Gaomon M106K | Clip Studio Paint Pro
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu | Character (c) Chaesu
Don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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I kinda like the mix of yellow and blue in her eye.

She look amazing :)

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She is really cute! I love how well her hair turned out, and the coloring in general is very well done. Adorable pose, too. :D

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I love how Minah has exploded all over the internet. Chaesu has made something special
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Ikr!!! The power of blue hair and tasteful tummy and thighs :fire:

Connor-Coccino's avatar
I love that Chaesu overcome their color blindness and worked with the colors they know. I think that's why Minah always has such vibrant colors.
AquaHoodie's avatar

Wha....Amazing!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

That shirt looks tight--I think she'd be more cranky.

sayueproject99's avatar

I love the vibes Minah gave me and this fan art is awesome!

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OMGOSSSHHHH ANOTHER CHAESU ART FAN IN TOWN!!!! You drew Minah toooo beautifully!! And that sneaker! Jksjjnsjajjxjsjmxjnskzjksknsksnjsnjsnz, wayyyy tooo beautifu! Congrats Hyanna! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] and her outfit is supper pretty!!! Everything about this is stunning! She’s gives that ‘back off’ vibe! Girl power!! We need more girl power! I’m sooo in love, congrats!!

Great work!! Just wayyyy to good to be true, I need to pinch myself XDD so glad that I’m not the only one who likes Chaesu’s work!

Ryuzuki98's avatar

Just beautiful!!

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I agree, Minah looks simply Lovely, and rocks the look quite nicely! Beautiful, simply Beautiful work, Hyanna! 😊🥰

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