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Commission - Under the moon light

Halfbody colored sketch for Mikulea

Tried to experiment a bit with a different pose~
I still struggle with faces, but I'm trying to improve on them >W<
And I'm also allowing myself to relax more on sketch commissions!
So this was nice to work with ^^

• • •
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wow so beautiful

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love your art ( ╹▽╹ )

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hmm, it's good but it looks off.

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So cool! You were inspiring me for so long and this piece is definitely one of your best!

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god, she's gorgeous. The shading on their skin looks especially good.

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She looks like a Magical Girl: Goddess Addition.


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Really pretty!! :love::heart:

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Those are some huge drills she has there.

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So beautiful and sensual uwu

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Beyond beautiful!! :la::love::la::love:

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Ooooo, gorgeous! 😍

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Holy Moly, she looks just Stunning, truly a gorgeous sight! Beautiful, simply Lovely work, Hyanna! Well done! 😍💕

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I love it so much !!

Thank you again for drawing her !!

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Man, I wonder whether to ask for commissions!

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Thank you!

Oh there's the link on the description, but check here~

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It looks a lot, but one key thing is that you accept commissions only via e-mail, right?

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