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Commission - Christmas Lindy

Sketch chibi commission for Lindyrex
Yep, still posting christmas things orz (because also I forgot to post...)
Slowly I'm changing my sketch chibi style to something more simple, I love simple shading ^^ but also sparkling things~~
Also I want to test somethings, like colorful things even when the character is not colorful 8D
well well, I hope you like it and Happy New Year to everyone! ♥

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Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen
Made in Paint Tool Sai
Edited in Photoshop
Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu
Character (c) Lindyrex
Don't repost, copy, or use without my permission, thanks!

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© 2014 - 2021 Hyanna-Natsu
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Hello! I’d like to inform you that someone is tracing this piece. I’ve already reported it to Reddit.

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Hello, I'm sorry to say this but a user on Instagram who goes by emo_trash12344 has stolen this amazing artwork from you without crediting you. If you need screen-shot proof please contact OfficialNightmare666 for more information.
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Can I use the character for my youtube Channel art this christmas (I won't erase the Maker name)? I'T JUST TOO CUTE!!!
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Awnn I'm very sorry but you are not allowed to use ;3; 
they paid me to draw, so ~~  yep, that's a no ;w;
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that's ok ^^. I'll find something else. I love your art btw!
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She is VERY CUTE!! :D :D :D :love:
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Yay! Christmas in July
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I luv your art I'm adding them to my fav
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Oh my gosh! Your style is just so adorable! It makes everything look so cute!
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Thank you very very much! C:
bIue-skies's avatar
You're welcome ;)
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These are all so adorable!!
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Thank you a lot! *--*
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kawaii yeese. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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ahhh! My heart is all warmed up by looking a this! :)
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My mom looked at my screen and said ''What is this thing? It looks like a baby but it has a short skirt and it looks like a woman with a baby-ish face?''

Me: Thats kinda called Chibi..

Mom: No its not. its some kinda pedophile crap, only a pedophile would mix a woman and a baby together its sick.

Me: no, its adorable.. its like chibi..

Mom: well its sick.

What should i tell her to convince her its actually cute? seriously, my moms kinda over-reactive about pedophiles now.
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Oh... Well xD
Start with the fact it's a drawing x3 and no sexual content here, like, she's so happy about the christmas <3 <3
But short skirt in a "baby-ish" drawing is pedophile? ;  v  ;'' why? Real kids dress cute things too~~…
This is just a drawing style, nothing more ^^
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My mom is hard to convince. xD
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