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Hihi, I'm Hyan! I work as freelancer digital artist since... 2012? I love drawing female anatomy the most (⌒▽⌒)☆ But I'm practicing to expand my knowledge!

if there's anything else you need to know please check:

[ C O M M I S S I O N S I N F O ] Waiting ListF.A.QOCs info/refsDoodles account

I highly advise you to not send a DM here, I rarely check those. You can tweet to me instead, comment on my YT or check commissions info if that's what you are looking for.

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Hai Hyanna- san

i got gave for you

hope you will like it?!

~[Fan Art] Hyanna-Natsu (Youtuber)~

Hy, Hyanna! Your boyfriend is really good with animating the illustrations at the start of the video, and I wanted to learn it, too. Do you think that he could link a tutorial on how to do it? Or did he learn it alone experimenting? Because I'm searching everywhere how to animate my illustrations like that, but I can't find a video similiar with the animations as he does. I know that he uses Blender to animate them, but still can't find a video animating illustrations like he does.


He doesn't use Blender... where that comes from?

Blender video editor is just an optional free editing program, but Davinci Resolve is a free one (and way better).

He learned by experimenting, so there's no link I can provide to you, but check Davinci Resolve, you can find tutorials for it on YT.

Oh, okay. I saw that there was written Blender somewhere on your list 🤔 however, thank you very much and sorry for disturbing. 💚💕

You're my insipiration, also your art is so awesome and amazing! <3

you are soo amazing like an artist!!!

Kirara Sheep Face 7

You are amazing at drawing