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master of all four elements

By hyamei
finally finished this!

it's pretty obvious I wasn't consistent... I wanted to but I guess I didn't want to prevent myself from experimenting
drawing style wise it wasn't easy being consistent anyways haha

whoa this is actually the first series I ever finished in my life

art tumblr [link]
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are those Ice,Fire,Ground and Rock?
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I would buy this on a t-shirt
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oooooooooo great job my friend :D
Alexgv-art's avatar
this one is very cool!!!!!
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What brush did you use for this piece? It looks great! :D
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thanks! I remember I used porkbun 's brushes for this!
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omg this is so pabulous
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haha thank you! :)
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I feel like you were very consistent. Consistently awesome, that is. But, really. I feel like each piece matched the element wonderfully. I'm really impressed!
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epic, just so you know, your comments always make me happy thank you so much! <3
haha this is the first series I ever finished so what you said really means alot ;v;
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awwww.... :'I <3

Oh! Were there others you hoped to finish?
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really cool! I can't wait to watch the next season
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thanks! haha me too! : D
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This does look really good. Love the glowing and the motion on these.

Curious, and this has more to do with aesthetics than anything, but you've got the two circular motions on one side, and the two non-circular motions on the other. Since the circular motions glow more on one side than the other, it gives the pic a distinct draw to the left for our eyes. Was this intentional?
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thank you! ah it wasn't really intentional, I did each picture without thinking much of the others.
and I already planned to arrange it based on the avatar cycle water-earth-fire-air after I was done.
I guess it was a bit of coincidence the circular ones ended up on the left side! hehe : D
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you have a pretty cool style! and your coloring is interesting too :meow:
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thanks so much vertigo-gal!:heart: :)
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you're welcome! did you use specific brushes to get that texture?
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I use dry media brush! there's a set comes with photoshop. :)
Vertigo-Gal's avatar
ahh. i have photoshop elements 8, and i haven't really tested the dry media brushes in a while...was it cuz i wasn't impressed with my results? i dunno.
when you DO use dry media brush, does it tend to be just one big stroke?
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