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Steven Universe x Ragnarok Online

By hyamei

I chose their classes based on their weapons.

Garnet/Monk, Amethyst/Dancer, Pearl/Knight, Steven/Crusader

my art
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I wish you put Lapis and Peridot with them, also Connie. But it’s amazing Though

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This is a really cool picture!:hooray: Love the outfits!:heart:
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I love both the show and game, and you for doing this. Thank you. ;u;
AAAAHHHHHH. These are so beautiful and fit so well! I've been looking for a pretty paladin Pearl to make a cosplay based on for a while; would it be okay to use this as a reference?
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Wow, I love these designs for these characters! 
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Aaa! Lookit them all! I absolutely adore what you did here! This is definitely what their classes would be though!!! Amazing job on color and composition!!!!
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This is beautiful style.
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WOW!!!  I absolutely love your art style, it is so beautiful.  I am making a comment on this piece because I was showing it to my girls...but I could have said the same thing about any of your other pieces.  I had to check out your whole gallery.  I check out a lot of artists on DA, and just love your work.  I especially love your girls in Kimono's...very cleverly designed and love your choice of colors.
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Hi! I just thought you'd like to know that this week the site Unicorn Booty is doing a "Steven Universe Week", and to kick it off, there's a fanart roundup -- and this piece is in it!…

Thanks so much, and I hope you like the piece!
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Really good choises of the jobs! Love it :3
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O M g
all of these outfits fit perfectly with them like ?? i couldn't choose a favorite, they're all lovely~
the flowers are a nice added touch as well 
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that beautiful Heart - Free , I wanted to ask permission to use the picture to make a stamp
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this is so utterly lovely!! The way you pulled the colours together and made the outfits, are incredibly done!! ; o ;
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beautiful! you obviously put alot of thought and detail into their outfits, just beautiful!~ :D
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Yay! I play Ragnarok and watch Steven Universe! =D
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love it!!!!! x)
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soo nice!! and great choices!!! haha
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thanks Iris! I dig your stuff so much by the way! :heart:
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thank you!! love yours too ^_^
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