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Sparky Sparky Boom Lady

By hyamei
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Legend of Korra Book 3 finally ended so I wanted to draw my favorite Red Lotus Member, P’Li! or as I’d like to call her, Combustion Woman
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she was my favorite as well!! too bad we didn't got to match info about her..... especially her past..... 
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Oh my god, this is awesome! 

It looks like one of those Little Golden Books...I can just see "Sparky Sparky Boom Lady" on the shelf next to "The Poky Little Puppy".

Possibly exploding him...


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wo spoiler I haven't gotten around to watching season 3 yet! but that is awesome!
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hahaaha this is gold :D
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i'm so glad someone remembered his original name :D
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Reminder explosives can harm both others and your self
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omg P'Li, she looks amazing in your style! this 'blows' my mind! : D....//shot shot tripleshot
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Really awesome job. I really love it. I am a dummy! 
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It took me a second to realise what happened when Su bended the metal over her head and then I was like "ooh shit".
Never *liked* the character but this artwork makes me appreciate this lady :') (maybe not her hairstyle though)
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shame she blew her head off though.
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Cool.                                                                                                              Blossom Jewel 
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nicely stylized 
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I don't really like that kind of bending because of how non kung-fu it is, but she was a straight badass
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She was awesome. <3
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I've only seen the first three episodes of this season so far, but... well, there's a reason I called them Team Awesome before their proper group-name was revealed. Sparky Sparky Boom Lady is one of the best characters I've seen on The Legend of Korra.
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You got her scary stare perfect! xD
Wonderful sketch!
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I love the sketchy brushstroke feel.

P'Li's death was mind-blowing. Is it too early to say she and Zaheer are probably the same height now? -is shot-
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I freaking hate P'Li.

I hate her giant ugly braid, and her scary third eye.

However, I love this though. Nice job!
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This is wonderful! Also, That season finale was CRAZY! Keep up the amazing work.
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