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September 12, 2013
Retro Scouts by ~hyamei
Hyamei's unique take on the Sailor Moon series is both stylish and adorable looking! It truly is a wonderful piece of fan art. I actually think these uniform is better than the original! I'll definitely watch it if there's a spin off Sailor Moon series with these designs! Well done.
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Retro Scouts

a little spontaneous mini series I did roughly a week. I didn't want to procrastinate in starting and let my motivation run low.

added the outer scouts + chibi moon
also redesigned some of the outer scouts’ signature weapons/talismans.
Neptune’s mirror = shield
Saturn’s glaive / power of destruction = bomb

EDIT2: changed uranus' back ribbon color because it was bugging me. (I just noticed it now)

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MeliMilkyArts's avatar

I love it! It reminds me of Mega Man! 💖👍

EyweenaPterus's avatar

In fact, retrofuturism is one of the my most favourite styles!

jerotam's avatar
Oooooookay's avatar
Their costumes actually kinda remind me of Dig Dug.

Anybody get that vibe too, or am I missing something?
rocketdave's avatar
I love the retro sci-fi look.  I can see why this got a daily deviation (though just fyi, I faved it before I noticed that fact).  
autumnrose83's avatar
This couldn't be more cuter if you tried.
Nathancook0927's avatar
It looks nice combining Anime with a Retro space age cartoon look.
Gugnugl's avatar
this could actually work for a spin off in future (another 1000 Jears after crystal Tokyo) as the senshi are kinda "immortal"
analubelico's avatar

Your art is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Beatlesfangirl15's avatar
minmi96's avatar
I was never a Fan of Sailor Moon, but these are really beautiful and well drawn.

Their outfits remind me of Atomic Betty.
Mina-Chaan's avatar
Can You Make-

Sailor Juno, Palls, Vesta, & Ceres ? I Think That's How You Spell It..
OkaRutoYanSim's avatar
This is so cute~ The style, outfits, and colors are too much for me (*^◯^*)
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NormaLeeInsane's avatar
They are all so cute. :aww:
Mintaka-TK's avatar
The costumes remind me of Atomic Betty, but in a really good way! :D
minflori's avatar
wow, this is an awesome idea! nice job!
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neoqueenhoneybee's avatar
We cosplayed these designs! Were aiming for a full group but some ended up not being able to attend! :(………
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