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Wow I love the line-less art so beautiful 💕
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The colouring here is so nice!! Smooth and well blended, yet still feels so vibrant and colourful. Excellent job!! ^w^
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They look beautiful!

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This looks so cool! I love the style!

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I love how calming this picture.

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Wow this is amazing and beautiful. I love the colors

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This is so beautiful 2018YupiANanEmote022

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Your art style is simply amazing
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this is so gorgeous :heart:

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They look like enchanting goddesses. So freaking pretty BTW.

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WOAH this is amazing! what kind of drawing tablet/program do you use?

i wish my coloring was that clean.nice job

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This is so lovely! :heart: I love your way of coloring stuff.
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Man, they all look beautiful! How long did it take you to paint this? What program did you use? What was the influence? AAAAAHHHHHH, I REALLY NEED TO KNOW! I WANT TO LEARN FROM YOU!  
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So flowy, soft and pretty! :aww:
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