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By hyamei
Happy Bithday :icondctb:!
a fanart of Annie Mei's hair
sorry doesn't really look exactly like her;;

art blog: [link]
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It's such a good take on Annie Mei!
I love her expression, and her hair is so gorgeous.
I love the simple, painted look on this.
The use of your brushes never cease to amaze and inspire me!
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This is so cute! :heart: Love the swirly hair <33
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thanks so much amuupon <3
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I've always like Annie Mei but I really like this interpretation of her!
She has the same hair color as me lol :D
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that's pretty cool! :D
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How big is this file? I would so want a print of this--I keep coming back just to look at it :icongrabbyhands:
and also, if you don't sell prints online, i think you should! Your artwork is fantastic
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oh wow, I'm super flattered you even go back and look at this :blush: the biggest is 1500x2000,
if you want I can send it to you since it is for you!
and aaaa thank you for thinking so! it would really be nice to sell prints someday! <3
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ah that would be equally as nice :D you can send it to me in a note? :D
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NEAT style! this looks lovely, i absolutely adore the texture brushes you used. Are they for PS?
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thanks so much! yes they're for PS, it's dry media brush :D
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Wow, I'm speechless! How did you do the texture on the hair and ribbon?
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thank you! I didn't use any texture picture here, just dry media brush :)
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Oh really? What program?
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I like how the shades give the flowing hair depth almost like its a whole another entity in itself
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thanks so much! haha super glad to know it doesn't look flat!
really did put more focus on her hair rather than the character:lol:
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Yeah its really dope almost sort of like how Studio Bones did Eureka 7 with the coral beast things since were in contact and you've got some experience on here what do you say is better uploading a bunch of art over an extended period or a few pieces every couple of days?
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oh, this is a personal opinion.. but when it comes to uploading works(specifically here in DA), I do prefer quality over quantity!
but it's really good if you draw alot too, most set up a blog/tumblr up for sketches and small drawings :D

I usually try to make it a habit to create at least one finished at work per week and put it up here. (if I could do more then that's better)
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Idk if its just me but it seems like people mostly favorite a deviation more than comment on it nowadays because i had an account back in 09 08 its like the whole vibe of this site changed
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sorry for the extremely late reply!
I agree even I fave and run most of the time, but I try to put a habit of giving comments to other people's art/journals
if I have some spare time, and in turn I do get some feedback from people too. :) so I think participating in the community really helps.
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I can't even say anything >_<!!!
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haha aww it's okay! :hug:
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