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Garm from Ragnarok Online
made in 14k polys
Done in Maya + Photoshop
2 days

Yeah I haven't touched my watercolors for weeks ;_;
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It looks so real...o.O
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haha thanks! :)
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Nice job
I like it very much.
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I like how it looks like ice.
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Woah, awesome!
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Cool, and looks cold, haha
It's shining! XD
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Cool *w* I saw the thumbnail and thought it looked similar to a monster in RO and it was xD Great job!
Do you learn 3d modelling or do you do it as a hobby?
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hahaha am studying 3d as a short course in uni ;u;
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oooh that's really nice! Do you study art or graphic design at the uni?
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hahaha it focuses specifically in just 3d~ it's more of a short diploma course for a year
at first I wanted an multimedia art course but I don't think I would last yet another 4 years in college haha /shot
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SHINY GARM APPEARED!! ten ten tenen ten tenen!

Oh wait.. wrong game. XDDDDDDDDDDDD
Nice work! asgadfjsgfkja!! You are really good at this!!
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hahaha sabaw XDD
hahahah salamats! still practicing more :la:
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:XD: Ang shiny nya eh. XDDDD
Great! Keep it up!
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Ohh!! So many memories...

Amazing work :D
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wow amazing!
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I want a GARM CARD!!
hyamei's avatar
hahaha! I want one too XDD
/never got a boss card ever
NickBeja's avatar
daaaayyymn! XD

my friends from pRO got MVP cards and im liek daaaamn!!! rich basturds!!! XD
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bring back some memories
hyamei's avatar
ahaha yes it does~ I was looping the Lutie theme when I was modelling him XD
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so I guess garm is from a legend, i read a manga called jango sol 'something something..' and one of thr badguys was a k9 ice elemental named garm. or maybe coincidence. idk.

BLAH! GOOD WORK! :clap: haha Im soo confusing.
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