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By hyamei
2nd version, used cooler colors :) still inspired by the same song!

moon fox belongs to me
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Beautiful! I love the atmosphere of the environment. :)
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Incredible! Your art is just incredible....the flow to your works and the way you handle colours and brushstrokes is truly beautiful! And lovely composition here too. AWESOME!
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oh gosh I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful comments noxmoony! <333
hehe I'm super happy you like this, it's one of the works I'm kinda proud of ! <3 (since I rarely do detailed backgrounds) 
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Abby you're so welcome!! <3333 Please don't mention it, it's me pleasure! :D
Aw, this is lovely, keep goin!
bezzalair's avatar
Your speed paintings are always so fun!
capyBAKA's avatar
So magical! The composition is perfect <3
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thanks so much kayla <33
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Ahhh, I really love this and the previous illustration! They both have such a quiet, magical sense of space to them, like there's this vast world full of awe that he's wandering through. You're so masterful at lighting and mood, and my love for this character only grows with every new piece ♥
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thank you so much technisun <3 I feel so happy reading this comment, you really described the way I want it to look and feel.
I've always pictured this little character travelling in places I want to go or place that are strange or maybe a bit surreal.
and it's just really fun for me to come up with ideas, I'm just happy to hear that you love him! :)
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thank you so much! :blushes:
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I want him! *snatches*

(Beautiful sketch, by the way.)
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aa thanks so much :lol:
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Wonderful :iconheblushplz:
I love the the subtle movement, as if it's a scene from a film. Now I'm curious as well over this! Lmao
hyamei's avatar
thanks so much as always cy! :hug: yeah I actually thought this more like one of those "color script" scenes :) I really want to work more on that!
sighlol's avatar
Oh! I can't wait then :D
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these ilustrations remind me mini ninjas somehow (:
hyamei's avatar
thanks so much! haha I actually imagined him being more sneaky and elusive spirit. :)
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You don't know how much I love your works and the feel they gave me.
I wish I could paint like that.
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aaaa thanks so much anima <33 that really means alot coming from you!
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I want to hug you really bad now :tighthug: <3
Keep up your great work!
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