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SEDEV Patch Studio 1.2

[UPDATED in January 25, 2010]:

Changelog: SEE "SEDEV Help System.chm" , LOCATED IN MY DEVIATIONS.

Built by Linards Liepiņ&#154
This is my writen app for Sony Ericsson fans - enthusiasts - modders / patchers / developers.

Help System should be enaugh to describe idea.

The executable can work without any other file with no probelms, but you will lose some user experience..

The two big problems jet is that the plugin manager doesn ot work yet and there are bug with Preview Area. Also the white splash by Thilinia C does not support transparency correctly.

Any question? Take a look at Application Credits ... ;)

Best wishes and good luck, users!
The Delphi fan, also know as HX.

Application is regestered under Creative Commons!
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mumuaxe's avatar
dude, do u know of any app that i can use to port patches from w508 r1fa035 to w508 r1ea030, cause i dont know how to use ur app nor i have found .vkp porter apps...
thnks in advance
Weird ... nobody has nothing to report ..