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The House of Mist [Act I Ch.5]
Abandoned Industrial Sector, Pacific Northwest
House Mist Territory

+24 Days

Unfortunately, Nicole’s hunt for viable building materials and decor had turned up nothing that she could actually use. They had found more than one warehouse full of old building materials, however the issue changed into how they were going to transport the resources they found. The Ghost mentioned that if she located some sort of Jump Ship, he would be able to store items there, but she had no idea where to find something like that. Her Ghost however, had some ideas.
Nicole hoisted a plate of sheet metal and tied it to her back with a pair of salvaged straps. There were a lot of those around the area. If she was only going to be able to take one piece, it would have been the one made of the lightest material.
“Alright, which way now?” She glanced down to her helmet's internal clock. They probably had five or six hours of sunlight left.
“If my memory serves, I once sa
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The Life of Ryau 'Cinotee: Redux Act IV Pt 2
Delta Halo
Twenty-Fourth Solar Cycle, 214 Cycles: 9th Age of Reclamation [November 02, 2552: 0036hrs]
CAS-Class Assault Carrier Solemn Penance
SpecOps Major Ryau ‘Cinotee

As the Solemn Penance found its resting place in orbit over the Ring, hundreds of Phantoms launched out across the surface. A majority of them were centered just below the Assault Carrier, on a series of structures dotted across a pair of large lakes. 

Ryau was harnessed into place by a Stasis field as their pilot, Major Mako ‘Geralee brought them around what looked to be a temple of some kind. Their Fieldmaster glanced across his lance and nodded in approval. While they were armed fairly well, the crates and packs around them did not hold weapons, but scientific technology.
“As you all should understand by now, we are rep
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Yun and Tik by HWPD Yun and Tik :iconhwpd:HWPD 19 5
House of Mist [Act I Ch.4]

South Bellevue Ruins, Pacific Northwest.
House Mist Territory
+2 Days
Nicole hurried across Bellevue with Rykis and the other Fallen that had survived the ambush. The Baron's den was completely across town from where they had stowed the vehicles. It was the final hour before dawn, and a few flurries of snow had blown in while they were gone.
There were not many other Fallen out and about like there had been that morning, aside from the occasional sentry on patrol. Their glowing eyes made spotting them fairly easy inside windows or on rooftops. Nicole's Ghost flew around her head and glanced out at the buildings.
"I still find it highly unusual that this House is active during the day... and not at night like many of the other Houses," he said quietly, blinking along with their walk.
Rykis looked over at the small machine and simply waved across the buildings. "While our night vision is very good, there are things to do here that can o
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Sangheili Fauchard by HWPD Sangheili Fauchard :iconhwpd:HWPD 25 1 Baron Acskis by HWPD Baron Acskis :iconhwpd:HWPD 5 0 Vandal Jasix by HWPD Vandal Jasix :iconhwpd:HWPD 4 1 Baroness Tansis by HWPD Baroness Tansis :iconhwpd:HWPD 11 1 Naki is sortta standing around by HWPD Naki is sortta standing around :iconhwpd:HWPD 22 2 Is this what you all want? Sangheili? by HWPD Is this what you all want? Sangheili? :iconhwpd:HWPD 33 8 Post-war Ascarian Soldier by HWPD Post-war Ascarian Soldier :iconhwpd:HWPD 4 0 Ascarian Soldier by HWPD Ascarian Soldier :iconhwpd:HWPD 8 0 SSDC DR54 by HWPD SSDC DR54 :iconhwpd:HWPD 1 0 SSDC Patrol ship by HWPD SSDC Patrol ship :iconhwpd:HWPD 0 0 SSDC Ship Size Comparison by HWPD SSDC Ship Size Comparison :iconhwpd:HWPD 0 0 SSDC ARID Frigate by HWPD SSDC ARID Frigate :iconhwpd:HWPD 0 0


Sketches of one character 


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Well, seeing as it has been over a year since my last journal I suppose it’s time to make another. 2018 was my least active year yet, and I just sort of feel like shit about it. [Well 2016 was a slow year too but it was more quality stuff]

I've sort of fallen out of the mood for Halo, and I know that is what a lot of you follow me for. It was not caused much by the state of the Halo Community, I actually have been reading the newer books and enjoying them, but I had a bit of a situation where my Covenant Data-pad being taken and used in SPV3 without my knowledge. I contacted them, was told I’d be credited, I was okay with it, but then as far as I can tell I was never added. 

Later on in their discord, it was mentioned that they didn’t have to ask because the Game Content License Rules that Microsoft has in place for fan made content says that anything made by fans is in fair use. So no one actually has ownership or anything of the like of the stuff they make. They were right, that was in the rules, but it still felt wrong. It made me upset, I stopped drawing. 

That happened in August 2017, but that slump that I fell into afterwards just kept going through the last year and I haven’t ever really recovered. I barely sketch anymore, and it’s even rarer that they’d ever get finished on the computer; the drive just sort of left. 

In the last year I’ve focused a lot more on writing though, I’ve got quite a few new projects that haven’t seen the light of day yet, and two thirds of them are original work. So I hope whoever’s still following me will like them when they eventually do show up here. 

Regarding my current series’: 

Bullet; Black The Life of Ryau Cinotee has never really been the big thing here like how I think of it being. Some days it’s difficult to even write one line, but I will not abandon it, I will finish it. 2019 means that it’s Ryau and Naki’s 10th birthday. A decade of work. It will be done, in the next year or three more, LORC will be completed. :D

Bullet; Blue House of Mist is still coming along just fine. New chapter is just around the corner. 

Bullet; Red A Guardian’s Tale is pretty much on permanent hiatus. I’m sorry for that, I know there’s a fair bit of you that were really looking forward to the continuation of that series, but I really need to reconsider where I’m going with it. 

Bullet; Yellow Universal Destruction will be dropping once I build up a good backlog of chapters and edit them to a higher quality than my other stories. This is my big story; hopefully you’ll all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it. I’ve been considering maybe making a Patreon for it, and doing an early release for that, but I’m not really sure. 

For 2019... I’m just hoping to get stuff back in order. Life has been a mess, it’s been busy, it’s been hard, but I think I am in an okay place right now. 


I made a Ko-Fi  a bit ago after that poll, here’s the link if you’re feeling generous. <3

Buy Me a Coffee at

Thanks for sticking around!


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Current Residence: Greater Seattle Area

Personal Quote: Well... that could have gone better

Just looking into options...? 

6 deviants said Ko-Fi
4 deviants said Patreon
2 deviants said Neither


Givin' this a try. <3

Buy Me a Coffee at


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