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The problem is being solved by now. Thanks a lot for everyone who offered support! 
I'm actually closing the slots, since it got enough interested people. If you showed interest and I have replied you, the slot is reserved for you and there's any obligation in take the slot.


I really don't like to come here and ask for help, but I don't saw other ways to solve it.
Unfortunatelly I got an unexpected expense I can't fill for now and the only way I found to foot this bill was open 2 commission slots for make up the money I need. The commissions are full colored with markers in A4 special paper. You'll can see what I'm doing in your commission and will receive the original drawing. Actually asking US$60 for each slot
Sorry, but I'll can't explain what it is for here, in public, since it's a bit personal, but, if you're interested in commission me and want to know what happened, I'll exxplain it.
If you're not interested in it or can't by now, please, spread the word.
Thanks a lot for the help!

Hwei Chow Fa
Well... I've heard you guys and openned an account on Paypal, so I'm thinking about open for commissions soon...

But... Are you guys interested in buy commissions from me?
Talking with a friend about Brazilian music, he told me that Brazilian music is only samba... My answers:

Alberto Nepomuceno - Batuque

Alberto Nepomuceno - Adágio for strings

Alberto Nepomuceno - Serenade

Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez - Reisado do Pastoreio I - Pastoreio

Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez - Reisado do Pastoreio II - Toada

Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez - Reisado do Pastoreio III - Batuque (I know, the same name than the first, but is another music)

Carlos Gomes - Grande Valsa da Bravura (Great Waltz of Bravery)

Calos Gomes - O Guarani (Opera) - Overture…

Carlos Gomes - Alvorada (Dawn)

Heitor Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras Nº2: O Trenzinho do Caipira (The Hillbilly's Train, in a free translation)…