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Hermit Crab in Skull

Yep, it's a very large hermit crab using a human skull as its house instead of the usual snail shell. Why did I draw this? My muse told me too. I have no other explanation.

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and without background.
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Fresh idea (at least for me), and awesome drawing.
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It blows my mind when I come up with an idea, yet someone else has already done it. LOVE it!
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Wow, this is so awesome. I love it. This also gives me a lot of ideas. Keep up the good work.
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That's awesome! Fascinating, and very creative :D If it hasn't got one yet, this deserves a DD.
IntricateBindings's avatar
Intriguing! I love the concept and your art style. Wonderful job.
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After all these years, this is still one of the coolest things on dA.
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Thanks, that's very kind of you to say.
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This is awesome!

Are you familiar with the Monster Hunter series?
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I'm afraid not - is this reminiscent of something from it?
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Superb Idea!!
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It's what I'd probably use if I were a hermit crab.
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Now, how do you think that crab went about getting the skull?
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This is wicked :)
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i really want a hermit crab now...>____>
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i laughed at first, because of the coolness, but now I wonder... could and would a hermit crab make a human skull its home?
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it's like the dark mark only sillier
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I like this it's a unique idea.
I can picture a coconut crab or a robber crab (birgus latro) doing this...:)
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