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The beginning of 500 years

Paint over, a scene from Asura's Wrath.
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Reminds me of Asuras Wrath. Great work on this.

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This is the most epic got'em ever, the space rocks with the got'em shape and the pope's got'em can throw themselves out of the window
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Simply astounding to say the least.

Though I do just hope that one beastly guy has a backup plan or a trick up his sleeve needed to stand up to that huge God like being.

If not.

Then this is some pretty unfair/one sided dog vomit I ever saw in terms of a one on one battle.

Right up there with Professional 42 Year Old Hockey Player With Rage Issues Vs. A Defenseless Eight Year Old Boy.

But I digress.

Still. An awesome job done on the drawing. God bless and have an awesome day.

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I can feel Azura's Wrath vibes in this. And it's epic.
The beginning of 500 years : the duration of the fight incoming ?
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In this battle The monkey king was imprisoned at the hands of Buddha (Five elements mountains) for five hundred years. You can read Journey to the West.

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Will do : it's something I've been curious for a while, learning bits of it here and there.
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that's the hugest got them hand i ve ever seen

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Now that promises to be a great tale to tell~! :D <3

For those who survive, that is~.

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Breathtaking . I love the angle of the picture. Superb!!
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I'm reminded of Aaru's Awakening. (I think that's the name of it. The game from some years back where a guy literally fights a planet.)

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Asura's Wrath is what you're thinking of.

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Ah, yes, that's it! I knew it began with an "A". :)

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