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Ancient Dragon

An ancient dragon from dawn of time, humanity dont even know if it's an animal or a tree, may be both species! Its wings are so huge that it can spread all over mountaint. Its halo have mystery energy that can be use as a destruction canon.
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Marlenatelep2Loader's avatar
Thank you surely for creating this.
Huy137's avatar
Glad you like it, you can go around my gallery for more delicious art 
FeynDrawing's avatar
It has that fantasy atmosphere that i like so much, great colors, a wonderful imagination and that dynamic... It's a wonderful illustration, I love it ! 
Huy137's avatar
Thank you for the compliment, this is the very first imge which earn me some money when I star working as a freelancer artist.
FeynDrawing's avatar
I love it, even if it's "old". I can't wait to see your future works ! :)
Alto-MIZUNARI's avatar
Very beautiful!
I like its colors.
Huy137's avatar
Thank, the color can be better if I have more time for it.
BrassDragon's avatar
Fantastic, full of motion and great colours.
Huy137's avatar
Thank for the compliment! But unfortunately, it didn't win the 1st prize
DeadlyFlamingFox's avatar
this is amazing! Awesome job! <3
WillowDeath's avatar
youre very underrated! your work is awesome!
Huy137's avatar
Thank for the comment, I'm not a lazy artist, my customer just dont want me to show my work in public too soon,
ybypro's avatar
I've never seen anything(dragon) like this before. This is beautiful!
GuesssWho9's avatar
Reminds me of the Feathered Serpent
ArceusWarlord22's avatar
This is a piece of art that needs to be put in a museum. Who's with me on that?
Huy137's avatar
Well i intend to draw more thing like that just wait and see!
feliperbrasil's avatar
so bright and magic
really fantastic
raseru09's avatar
Ancient [Fairy] Dragon
Ahrarara's avatar
* breaths * yes it's so good
Alexaphyr's avatar
Reminds me of a forest under a night sky. Nice work!
SoulStormHNS's avatar
This reminds me the Dragon Like angel boss on Bayonetta 2
Huy137's avatar
Damn, i never get a chance to play Bayonetta 2. but its enemy design is just great. New DmC' enemy design look so disgusting that i want to puke while playing it!
SoulStormHNS's avatar
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