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Snow Crash- Y.T.

A while back, I did some character sketches from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. People seemed to dig them so I'll post them here, although most of them have screwy proportions because I did them kind of quick.

Here's Y.T.
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Isn't it "whitey"?
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nice picture from a great book
Loads of personality and you got a lot of the details in there that other people miss - the visas, the liquid knuckles!
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I just adore the clunky, oldschool cyberpunk style here! And you captured YT's personality perfectly here! I love the details on her coverall.
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finally someone got her uniform right. FAV
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I remember seeing these pictures of yours, on another website. I'm so glad I can fave and comment on them now! I love this take on Y.T. That is so her personality, messy and tomboyish but also girlish. (As opposed to some people who just draw a supermodel on a skateboard and call it Y.T.) I love the details on the cargo outfit and her gear. She really looks like she's at home on the streets.
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Thanks. Yeah. I saw a few that came kind of close, but none of them felt close enough. Mine's still got some artistic license to it but I tried.
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