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CAW13-12 and 13 Gunst and Zonderling

By huxtable
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In today's market, just being an award winning design firm isn't enough anymore. That's where Nils Gunst & Ragnhild Zonderling come in. While the two young Swedes may have have gone to school to study architectural design, they've both been life-long sorcerors. Not only will they draft up the floor plans & over see the construction of your corporate structure, they can also enchant it to withstand all eternity, or "Tardis" a space out to get more room, or even boost the owner's overall prosperity. The first of their kind, their clients were initially skeptical of their claims. But when profits soared, business started a-boomin'. Now the two are charging top dollar & can still hardly keep up with demand.

Most of the ideas I have spring from science fiction. I'm just wired that way I guess. But I felt the urge to get out of that comfort zone. I was looking to go for something in kind of a magic/occult vein because I rarely ever go that route. And I think at the time I was looking at architecture on tumblr. I like weird stark Nordic design & the idea hit me of combining that. So weird, rigid Scandanavian designers that also enchant the things they design. I thought it would be one of those joke entries I jot down on my list that never goes anywhere. A week or two later, I don't know where I saw it, but I happened to see this picture of a very short man with crazy hair & larger woman I guess from some ad agency or something. But like in the format of "an interview with young professionals." Something clicked & I knew that they had to be the face of the design firm. So that's where this came from. I don't know why I kept the palette so similar for the two. The more I see it, the less I like it. But whatever. I think the hair turned out nice. I tried something new with that. Just don't look at the weird magic effects though. Ugh. And sorry I didn't get too in depth into their story. Maybe I'll expand upon it some time later. Also, I'm sorry it is a twofer, but I didn't want to split the two up into two different entries.

In other news, I've signed up for the 30 Characters Challenge It's my fourth time doing this. To be honest, I wasn't going to do it this year because I had some things come up. But I do still need to try & reach 52 characters by the end of the year. So I figured fuck it. Characters I make November will count towards both. I hope this all works out. Probably not. But fuck it, whatevs. I was initially going to hold off on these two & post them as part of that but I started these a few weeks ago & thought that wouldn't be too kosher. So that's why I'm posting them now.
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I really dig this idea tho!
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Thanks! I really appreciate it, dude