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Here's a mascot pelican I recently drew for Pasqua First Nation, near my hometown of Fort Qu'Appelle. He has no name yet but so far we've used him to congratulate the kids from the rez who graduated this year (inset with gown, etc.) and, as time goes on, he will wear different hats (literally) and hold assorted props as he promotes various initiatives for Pasqua. Thanks to high school friend Bonnie Missens for bringing in such fun work! (Drawn in vectors over a traditional pencil sketch) Thanks for looking!

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Way to flip them the bird. Yes, I reused my comment from Instagram, but not exactly. On Instagram I wrote "give them the bird" instead of "flip them the bird". It's sort of like new material, but not really. Either way you're really worth the effort.

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Well, at least you're not just winging it. Yeah ... terrible puns are my superpower. I hope you'll be posting some crazy shit soon, too. Thanks for faving!

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It will be a very long time until I post anything on this account. I have to finish my books so that will be like another ten years. I will put you on my watch on my GloriousGlop page. It's just a lot of primitive pseudo-psychedelic poop. It's the type of work I do during my fantasy freak bout of hypomania. I have a picture in my head that I want draw, but my inflammation is bothering me today and my energy is low. It's the cold front that's passing through that's messing with me. I'd be a lot more productive if I live in a hot dry desert.

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Okay, I see your stuff on Instagram and I'm now following you (in a totally un-stalkery way) there. I thought I was the only person that took a decade to finish a book ... actually the second issue of my comic book may be taking even longer than that! Thanks for the watch!