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A logo/mascot I drew for Saskatoon's local underground singer/songriter legend, Mr. Awesome, aka Roy Robins  (…
Drawn traditionally with brush and ink and then coloured and aged digitally. Thanks for looking!
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I am a dummy! Isn't Saskatoon where the movie Ryan's Babe was set? Like, at least the first part of it?
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Yep. Right here around Saskatoon. I did the package art below (and the box design) for the re-release that came out a few years back on VHS and DVD. it's a pretty lousy painting since it's not my natural style, but I'm proud to have done it, plus it's SUPPOSED to look like a crappy B-movie painting ... at least that's my story! That movie is every bit as crazy as "The Room".

RYAN'S BABE Movie Poster Art by Huwman
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:giggle: Yep! I watched it a few times trying to figure out
just what the hell was going on in that one. You did your
job for sure, I'm just not sure the writer/director had any idea.
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I know the cinematographer and about 2 weeks into the project he and another guy suddenly realized it wasn't meant to be an absurdist comedy but ws intended to be a serious drama/romance! The director (who I think has passed away) never understood why people were laughing at screenings!
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:nod: That makes sense. A really great bad movie needs
to be made with lofty serious intentions. It's too bad he
died, maybe he could have explained it to me.
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Yeah, the funniest humour is often unintentional.
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I am a dummy! A gangster named Shakespeare, he randomly wins money, those cheerleaders...
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Baffling on every level!
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At first I thought that this was a self-portrait, because I thought nobody other than a

narcissistic clown slut like yourself would refer to himself as "Mr. Awesome". So what's wrong with people in Saskatoon, anyway? Incest, Bestiality? Incestual bestiality? You do look of bovine descent. I guess those heifers just can't resist you moo-goo!

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On cold nights, who doesn't like to slip into a nice warm Jersey? Thanks for faving!
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I checked out his FB, bit of a character - nice illustration you've done for him.
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Thanks! He's a great guy and, yeah, definitely a "character"!
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great piece, stands out. 
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Thanks you, sir!
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