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Unsung Heroes


Sometimes, we get so caught up in our grand events that we forget about the numerous little things in life.


One of the most well-written episodes this far. I was way too blown away by the impact at end of the show to not get inspired as well.
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Aww, she's a sleepy lil' apple here isn't she? This is a lovely artwork. :)
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D'aaaww...! Apple Bloom and Big Mac... so lovely and adorable...! The colors used on this piece are wonderful... :heart: :love: :heart:
MLPAristiscCSketch's avatar
Now that's so precious - it's sweet to see Applebloom and Big Mac bonding =) ♡♡♡
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It's wonderfully sweet to see Apple Bloom bonding with her big brother again, as much for her own sake as his I'm guessing she understands. Besides the poignant way they're resting together so comfortably at the end of the day I love the absolutely majestic sunset colors painting the landscape. SO great of them to enjoy the end of such a beautiful day together, and no doubt this fond memory will remain in their hearts forever. Awesome work.
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Lie me and my brotherFight Fight Pikachu Gonna Fight Kitty Jessica 
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Amazing and gorgeous art!!! <3 :D 
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What a sweet scene.  This is the perfect picture to honor that wonderful episode.
Fire-Link's avatar
That was a great episode. Super work. How's things going?

:D Loves it
You awesome, I can barely do words when I see your art
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This was one of my favorite episodes this season
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One of the best things about this episode was the very ending. Among everything of it was it highlighted the other characters in the shadows of the Mane 6. Forget that it was Big Mac that it focused on, the concept could be expanded to just about anyone. It was nice to see a secondary character get the spotlight (ignore the 100th episode for a moment) and say what needed to be said "We, the side characters, may not be the ones saving the world, literally, but we too have goals and responsibilities we hold sacred and wish to see fulfilled." It makes them all the more real and 3-dimensional.

Great job capturing the scene! The background coloring is wonderful and really adds to the mood you captured and wanted to convey.
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This episode was such a great bit of story for the apple family. Great work once again! :D
Yliste's avatar
charming art :)
MoosesFanfics's avatar
Your art is amazing!
VengefulStrudel's avatar
Ain't that sweet~ :aww: Love the warm colors, as well as the background :D Applebloom's expression is pretty cute as well, awesome work! :D
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Righteous colors!
BlackGryph0n's avatar
Awww! So cute! and again, I love the lighting! :aww:
This really was a great episode! Me and Michelle watched it together, and it was nice to see the song in context! :P
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Aww⌒.⌒ love the scenary
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d'awwwwwwww how cute^.^ i really like the atmosphere in this too^.^
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I expected nothing but cringe from this episode. But wow. Just... wow, man.

You certainly captured it!
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