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Twilight Visits the Sky

A collaboration between me and :iconviwrastupr:

Main post of this piece is on his account here, submitted a long while ago:…

He got this idea of doing a collab in MLPDrawingSchool IRC and was willing to be the one proposing sketches on the table, so I thought it'd be a nice experiment to do among other projects.. And it was. Interesting to be part of someone else's work process and see how they approach stuff in depth.

I'm a little late to the party. Firstly I had to upload this a good while ago but for some reason first the submitting didn't work and it was already two days late by then due to me being away so I wasn't in any hurry, next was that I didn't want to bury my latest personal pieces instantly, and third.. Well, I just waited out for some better time, but might as well submit this now.

Just so I have it hanging around now. I don't expect you to give the piece itself much attention on my side, do it on the main post of Viw instead.

As opposed to me, viwrastupr is also doing commissions if you're interested!
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beatiful Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart +fav 
Draxulaura's avatar
Love this representation of Cloudsdale.
QueenRavenHeart's avatar
BEAUTIFUL picture you have here... It looks amazing!
AuburnGeek's avatar
I love the rainbow waterfall. It's beautiful.
Aussie-sky's avatar
How long did the background take?
Its beautiful!!
Oh my... lovely, amazing. and filled with magic. :)
StainedGlassLightHea's avatar
Truly amazing, realy good work i love it <3
PianoPonky's avatar
Before this even finished loading on my computer I favorited it.  The whole piece is stunning.  I love how the buildings blend into the clouds.  The angle is perfect.  The many waterfalls are enchanting.  Truly beautiful.
Engavar's avatar
stunning.. magnificent...
trapper32's avatar
Just amazing...
SilverWing27's avatar
O.O My God. So beautiful and heavenly. ^.^ This is very stunning and gorgeous. :D A majestic sight to see if this was real. :D
Delttye's avatar
Wow!! you did a magnificient artwork! Clap Clap :happybounce: 
coppercore's avatar
I have this as a print from Bronycon. Most monitors don't actually do it proper justice.

I find it seriously breathtaking. I'd like to see epic shots like this in the actual show.
TrueMadayar's avatar
Talk about mythical.
DoTheDinosaur24's avatar
I love how now she has a constrast from the clouds and the ground
StewArt501st's avatar
Magical. I shed one manly tear when I sore this piece
wolf-lion-dragon's avatar
The detail in this is beautiful. 
silvermoon442's avatar
The clouds are GREAT. <3 and everthing else, too, but those especially.
DerpyPonyIsDerpy's avatar
Your Art Is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful! ; w;
iamli3's avatar
sigh why can't i make every single on of your images my background simultaneously?.....
K4nK4n's avatar
Now this is epic!
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