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Tirek, My Foolish Brother



Somewhere far away on the mountains overlooking Equestria, in a twisted land shrouded by mists..

Whew. This one was exciting. I hope we'll see Scorpan making a friendly entry in S5, after all the ruckus his brother rouse.

I ain't got much to say technically about this one, it was challenging, it was fun, it's me going all out on environments which I love to do so much but haven't really recently. My style and knowledge has changed quite a bit just lately, and I dare to say that the quality might even be a tad volatile right now when I'm still experimenting with a lot of stuff. I ain't gonna probably use colors as strongly as I did in the Steven/Rarity piece, but still I want to knock myself off from the too desaturated style, more so now when I realized how fun it's to go all out with color.

Character design was interesting thing, since we've not seen actual FiM version of Scorpan, just the simple storytelling version. I wanted to keep the proportions but still get the anatomy out there, and I ended up doing a very rough overall illustration of Scorpan as my own reference:

Tirek, My Foolish Brother by HuussiiThe Burden You Bear by Huussii
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"You simply can't let it go now, can you... not now, not ever.

And if you win, brother? What terrible purpose will take its place to drive you?"