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The Unsung End

"Your time is yet to come..."

TIME LAPSE: [link]

Original time 7h 2min.

Rough landings.
I thought I could kinda continue the story or idea of my "Banished". ([link] )...
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Is it just me , who kinda feel bad for her :/
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Cool, I just love this kind of atmosphere X3
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I don't know that terrible tragedy hit the changelings kingdom,but I lament all deads and also by Queen Chrysalis. Cutie Sad Nod 
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This . . . makes me feel kinda bad for Chrysalis and her Changelings, to be honest. They were clearly starving, and acting desperately to feed themselves and survive. Perhaps they went about it the wrong way, but I don't think that they could simply ask for help, since other ponies would freak at just the sight of them.
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I feel the same way. If MLP would be allowed some more serious storylines, one that could be further developed is the ethic/moral implications of the "evil guys" being automatically unredeemable by "good guys" because on an invasion. Queen Chrysalis might be truly evil, but the fact is her kind feeds of love, and they can't get in with one another and on their territory, like parasites. But are they GUILTY of being parasite? What caused their nature?

But the most important thing is, as illustrated in this picture, the "good guys" defeating them could mean sentencing them to a death by starvation. Is that the moral way, the merciful way usually associated with Good?... Couldn't the good guys help Chrysalis come up with an alternative way of getting love? If  Chrysalis still stubbornly maintained her evil position, then the good guys could try defeat her with a higher ground, knowing they did all they could to persuade her. But in any case, but the rest of the Changelings shouldn't pay for the evil ways of a terrible leader. We even have now the episode where Thorax wanted out of such things.

... and I think I have some fanfic material here, lol (but someone else probably wrote something like this already)
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...and now we know it was Chrysalis's fault all along, as a lot of us called from the start. :XD: I never bought the idea that she was genuinely trying her best to feed her race, she was way too classic Disney villain for that. Now it's been proven. Her own power and well-being always came first.

All my sympathy for those poor changelings, simply desperate for food, convinced by a power-obsessed tyrant that the only way to not starve was the conquest of other races, ultimately so she could rule unopposed.

Former Queen Cheese Legs can rot in Tartarus with Tirek, imo. She was never redeemable in my eyes anyway, and the S6 Finale sealed that view.

Great comment, btw :)
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Yes, the S6 finale did answer most of the issues I brought up - finally! - , but interestingly Chrysalis is now in the same situation shown in this picture, although perhaps "clinching" her hooves in rage towards Starlight Glimmer.

Could she free Tirek and team up with him and try destroy our heroes? We'll just have to see in season 7, sop far the most unpredictable one; I have no idea where the show will head.

Headcanon feeding engaged. :)
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One thing is for sure, Chrysalis is still the only big bad in action now. All the others have been reformed, locked in Tartarus or blown up. We'll be seeing new villains in S7 I'm sure, new big names like Sombra and Tirek were.
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Or, someone already has, and we haven't found it yet.
gutgutgut's avatar
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*shrugs* Just saying. I'm one of Those types (sorta), that typically hang around loving a show, but wait until the end to work out my own Aus' and ideas that diverge from canon and stuff.
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I agree, it's just that they're taking so much time to give canon info that one loses patience, lol.
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*shrugs* Then make up your own canon. Or perhaps, check out :iconzarla:'s stuff? It's really good!
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Mine is this forgotten song
Buried deep and heard no more
Mine is this unhallowed sleep
Deathless wait under the trees

All the years in vain I fought

All my deeds have gone to nought
Unsung is the tale of mine
Mislaid till the end of time...


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Reminds me of the "Bombing of Cloudsdale"
Most of the changelings survived our attack wounded were helped back on there hooves others died from the crash to earth.
Thank goodness the ponies believe their magic is superior to science or else the lands would be rubble. 
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I like when people make artwork like this one: changes your perspective of the subject.
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The last of their kind...
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Aw man! You had to hit meh in the feels! This is absolutely fantastic!
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At least she's trying to heal at least one of her children. :( It's not fair that they're suffering. :(
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Yes, finally found it. saw it on utube video. awesome work proud to fave it. 
I love it but what is even happening here?
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This is the aftermath of A Canterlot wedding. I can imagine a fall like that would be fatal.
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