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The Lonely Path

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By Huussii   |   
© 2014 - 2020 Huussii
Oil on board canvas
Size 46 x 38 cm / 18.1 x 15 inches

Yeah, my second pony oil painting, sold in the Crystal Fair along with the first one.

The idea has been with me forever, and it has been just a matter of time until I actually did it, originally it was supposed to be digital, but I decided to try and do it some justice with oils.

This already had so much better technique going than my last one. The lossy photo quality here doesn't really do enough justice to the brilliance of linseed oil, which I used to make the whole background sky and fog glaze behind the mostly matte environment. Almost entirely wet on wet technique, so much smoother than my first one, Home Sweet Home, which was mostly wet on dry.

I reeeeally should dabble with oils a lot more...
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Painting is so much fun!!!
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poor Trixie , i wish she were a princess too in canterlot and not a lonely pony in a mud road u.u  :feels:
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Well...I'm sure if Lauren Faust had still been around she might have given her a better deal
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RuthieTammyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I walk a lonely road....
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AsKrTheArtistStudent General Artist
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Scoot0i0i08Student General Artist
How do you photograph or scan this
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AndyBeguitoProfessional General Artist
I can fell the nature here! Amazing feelings
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onebehindthemonitorHobbyist Artist
Trixie is best trixie. We need more trixie in our lives.
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Terminatorka1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to sell paints! = D But I will not do, i will learn, grrr -n- 
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LakwordHobbyist Digital Artist
That so goes to my most favorites :D Amazing work. I send a group invite for this one so more people can see this amazing masterpiece
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Horizon rising up to meet the purple dawn
Dust demon screaming, bring an eagle to lead me on
For in my heart I carry such a heavy load
Here I am on Man's road, walking Man's road, walking Man's road

I'm hungry, weary, but I cannot lay me down
The rain comes, dreary, but there's no shelter I have found
It will be a long time till I find my abode
Here I am on Man's road, walking Man's road

Moon rising, disguising lonely streets in gay displays
The stars fade, the night shade falls and makes the world afraid
It waits in silence for the sky to explode
Here I am on Man's road, walking Man's road, walking Man's road
Walking Man's road, walking Man's road, walking Man's road ...
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WhatijustdidnowStudent Traditional Artist
Poor sad, I cried...Sad Pony 
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I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes, but it's home to me and I walk alone
-Green Day, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Beautiful imagery :)
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When I first saw this I almost started crying. The colors. The mood. It's just so beautiful. ;_;
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SilverWing27Hobbyist Writer
Poor Trixie. :( I hope she'll come back again soon. :( I mean she's learned her lesson. :(
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Mitenköhän pitkään siinä menee, että hymy ei nouse naamalle aina kun tohon seinälle katseensa kääntää?

Tää on vieläkin hienoin yksi asia, mikä tästä fandomista mukaan on vuosien varrella tarttunu. :)
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... and now I'm sad for her :/
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Absolutely stunning. The background just catches your eye and makes you feel like you are actually there. Theres a reason you are my go-to landscape artist, and this just hammers that point home
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I still am waiting to play this game...
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Very beautiful!  Well done!  :+fav:

Oh, how many times I have walked the lonely path.  I'm surprised I've never passed Trixie.
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Hello. I wanted to ask if i could have your permission to use your artwork for a fan fiction i am writing for the equestria daily friend off. I will give you full credit for the artwork and i want to make sure you are okay with this and will be confirming the credit and fanfiction with you when i am done in about a week or so by October 31st. By the way, your artwork is amazing beyond words.
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oak-tailHobbyist Artist
totaly makes me think of this song…
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Prism-SHobbyist General Artist
I cannot begin to describe how much I LOVE this~
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JodeOnslowHobbyist Digital Artist
What happens between the episodes... the thought had never even crossed my mind. But wow this just looks amazing... never thought MLP art could look so epic and awe-inspiring. 
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