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The Legacy of Betrayal


"What's wrong, Tirek?"
"Nothing... Keep moving."


I'm still kind of fascinated by the little known backstory of Tirek, Scorpan and Discord, so I like to play around with the relationships between them and explore their backgrounds.

A painting that started as a quick speedpainting, became a study and ended up something out of my usual. There's a lot of experimental thought behind this in technical side. I've been tinkering some new brushes to push my workflow forward. I Aimed for something more cinematic, and tried to keep a certain realistic feel though muted colors and color consistency.. And of course some rain to add up a whole new level of depth *cough*. Stuff like that.

So yes, I'm still alive.
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O, it's my the most love work! It's just a masterpiece! Very cool!

I was so hoping Discord was gonna pull a double cross, like Snape in Harry Potter.

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Wow, Epic Coolness In The Shade Of The Awesomeness!
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Powerful image.
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Looks like Kai! Cool!
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This is the best Tirek anybody has ever drawn.  May I use this for a week or two on a fimfiction fan-fiction?  (It's a short story collection, so I usually change the cover art when I release a new chapter.)
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Alright Huussii you need to be a worker in hasbro so they could make my little pony this real I'm very Impressed with all you'r work it just blows my mined away how incredible this art work is.Winner 
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OMG...! Wooaahh...! This looks truly epic and dark! Tirek is looking pretty badass here...! Love it! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
This masterpiece sure looks realistic! I also adore the rain effect... really amazing... :clap: :clap: :clap:
Excellent job! ;)
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Wonder what this guy was doin' between G1 MLP and his capture.
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Ooooooooooooh! I'm loving this! ^__^ 

...You'd think it'd be Discord asking that, but this is great! ^^

Yeah, it would be nice to learn more about Tirek
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Didnt care about the bug guy but when i saw the detail put into discord its like O_O
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First thing that came t mind was that looked like a piece of the Triforce. I need to play some more zelda.
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Rain is my favorite weather. When it rains I don't feel so alone.
You should read some of the fanfics about Tirek and Scorpan's backstory, they're mostly short one-shots. I could recommend the better ones if you want! I've already read through the crummy ones so you don't have too.
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That's pretty badass.
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Very good, the rain effects look amazing. I have to say, I definitely share the same fascination with Tirek and Discord's history. Partly on the one fact that they seem to know one another right away when they meet in the show. I'm really hoping for some backstory episodes at some point. Not gonna hold high hopes for it, but one can dream. lol
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In the comic Fiendship is Magic about Tirek, we discover how he gained his power and how was his relationship with his brother Scorpan. And Discord is in this comic. (Ooops!)

It's semi-canon, but it's the only backstory we've got for him. I mean for the G4 one.

Amazing piece. I seriously love how much details you put in your works. How many hours?
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I loved that comic. It explains why the ponies don't really know much about His country, it's because their are creatures there that would Attack them for their magic like Sendak and Tirek. Also just the bittersweet ending, Tireks dad knows that because his son has had a taste of true magic Tirek will go on a dark path, he even realizes there will come a day when Tirek may challenge him. Considering Tirek is known as "Lord Tirek" in the show we can only guess Tirek won.
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Yep, I've read that comic and was left satisfied for a little while at least.

About the working time, somehow while I feel like I put even less detail (as in the level of intricate brushwork) on pieces nowadays, but end up taking more time. Though I track the time way less than before, and I work on multiple pieces so everything gets stretched in to several days, even weeks... I'd say the average for a single piece is 9 hours, and sometimes searching for references and whatnot takes longer.

But this one was faster due to simplicity of the palette and setting, so this piece probably took like 6 hours spread across a few days.

Thank you =p
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Thank you kindly for your response. I'm glad that you take your time. It shows because it doesn't look rushed (at all!) and the result with a relaxed mind always gives amazing results.

Well, I guess so. I'm no expert. I only suppose.
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I love that comic! 
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