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The Chieftain's Pride


"The buffalo can be stubborn with their traditions, but they still have their hearts in the right place."


With her four little hooves echoing in the steppes, the stampede shall go on generation after generation... Until another bunch of settling ponies decide to plant more apple trees or whatever.

Probably one of my most successful pieces this far in technical side, or so I feel like. Although the quite simple palette was there to ease things out. Everything just locked into their places like they should. Only thing I changed in the process with this one was not to start with grayscale, instead I went straight to color like I used to do two years ago or so.
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sorry, I should leave a propper coment for this gorgeous piece, but its late, Im tired, and I can't make it justice

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This person has stolen your art for their FB storefront.

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Wow! This is captivatingly beautiful and very well done. Might I be able to use it on YouTube for a country song I've worked on? I'll give credit of course :)
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Not a MLP fan but I can't get over how adorable this is!
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Aw! Niiice! Looks pretty cool and lovely! It's awesome looking at a piece of art of these two! Love it! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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"...and HIS father before HIM...
...and HIS father before HIM...
...and HIS father before HIM...
...and HIS father before HIM...
...and HIS father before HIM..."
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*Snores but then rapidly shakes head*
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Stunningly beautiful.
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Oh my, this is way to good to be fan art! Not saying fan art is bad, just.
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so cool... *_*
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And his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him...
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Whoa. Whoa. This is incredible. 
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Little Strong Heart! So cute ^_^ The chieftain looks really pretty as well! ^_^
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Awesome pic!

I love the color and setting :D
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That's really my favourite picture! :D
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Das ist echt toll geworden. Grüße von Nigel! :-)
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Loving the composition and the background in this -- the complementary colors, use of interesting shapes in every element of the piece (from the rocks to the clouds to the cacti to the lines in the dirt/sand), and how you painted the dust is all very appealing to the eye. Don't have anything negative to say about this at all. Great work!! :aww:
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I don't see much of these two in fanart. :|
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This is an absolute masterpiece.
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